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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against at on 09-Aug-14.


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  • City: New York
  • State: Chile
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 917.677.0258
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Original Complaint against published at on 09-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

Hi, i rented a car at Comiso airpot in sicily on 17th of july 2014 through, the car was supplied by sicilybycar spa. when i went to the rental window i was told that i had to pay a 900euro deposit as a block on a credit card or else pay for extra insurance, i chose the block, i was then brought out to check the car, which i did with the agent, we both agreed the car had 2 dents to the body work and had 3/4 full petrol tank, i signed for the car and drove off. | During my 7 day holiday in Sicily i drove aprox 250km with no problems or incidents, i returned the car on the 24th of july at 18.00pm instead of 20.00pm as i had stated in booking , so a few hours early. | The agent we had booked with came out to the car with me and checked the car and we both agreed everything was fine, and was being returned in the same condition as when rented, he unblocked the credit card and charged for the 7 day rental as agreed through | On the following monday we checked our credit card balance on line and there was 2 charges on it for 555euro and 75euro, i rang and wanted to know what the charges were for as the car had been left back in the same condtion as when rented, after 6 days of emailing and phone calls to New Zealand where are based i was told the following. | The charges to your credit card are for , a burnt out clutch, damage to the windscreen, damage to the keys, damage to the tyres, damage to the roof, underbody damage and for contaminated fuel,. | I cannot belive that sicilybycar could even come up with such a list of damage to a car in 7 days, i wonder how i managed to drive the car back to the airport with the list of damage that they have supplied, there was nothing wrong with the car, it was returned in the same condtion it was rented. | I am from Ireland and have been driving for over thirty years and have never burned out a clutch, i have owned over 12 cars in that period, evrey on a manual car, maybe the burned out clutch lie is aimed at American tourists who normally drive automatic cars but most people in europe drive manual cars as i do. | So in conclusion, beware if you are going to Sicily and renting a car you will most likely end up dealing with sicilybycar spa. and will be RIPPED OFF. | My case is now with the European ombudsman, and i will not rest till i get my money back. | Thanks for reading and beware of Sicilybycar |

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