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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AJ Square Inc at Scamity.com on 01-May-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: AJ Square Inc
  • Address: 3422, Old capitol trial, Suite 700
  • City: Wilmington
  • State: Delaware
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 804 7677 548
  • Website: http://www.ajsquare.com/


Original Complaint against AJ Square Inc published at Scamity.com on 01-May-15 says, verbatim –

DO NOT WIRE MONEY TO AJ SQUARE.. Here’s how you know it’s a scam: | 1. Scammers often talk to you day and night BEFORE you send them money. They answer all your questions (with vague and very little details) often answering YES to everything you want. | 2. After you send them money, they are no where to be found.. very few emails.. very few contacts. | that’s what happened with me with AJ SQUARE.. | They were available around the clock to get the sale. Then, I wired money to get the project started.. I didn’t hear from them for three weeks afterwards.. and then, the emails started coming in.. We are done. | The emails said WE ARE DONE.. Send other half. | I was like.. Umm, I see that you haven’t uploaded any software or programmed anything on my side. They proceeded to tell me that they were done – please send money. | I demanded to test their work.. and then, suddenly a script appeared on my site. | The scam is now to get the other half of the money.. | Then, I demanded to test it out.. They said – they could only do it from their server, and here’s what happened. | 1. They uploaded the demo to a folder and told me it was “mine”. | 2. It was exactly like the demo with no customization to work with my company. | They then demanded the other half.. | I said no… this is not working. | So for the next three months – they pretended to work on it (changing text and changing words to make it look like my company) | However, when I did a test purchase – it never went to my gateway (the gateway that they supposedly programmed into their software) | So they lied. LOL | Then, they said for an extra fee – they would program it with my gateway.. | What? I thought you were done.. and this was 100% working already. | AND now you want more money 3 months later to get it to work with my gateway.. | Something doesn’t sound right. | 1. Stop asking for money every single time you email me. You got your initial deposit and the rest would be payable upon completion. | 2. They never completed, and I have completed over 900 websites in 10 years – so I know when to spot a fake and a fraudster. THESE ARE FRAUDSTERS! | I rememember when I first started working on websites back in 1999. There were tons of these fraudsters who would take your money and run. (which is wire) | BUT 2015 – | I thought no one does this anymore so I broke my own rule and wired them the funds. | I will NEVER wire anyone funds again.. EVER! | The reality is this: | I wired these guys funds with a checklist of 6 things. | After three months – | 1 out of 6 was complete (and that was questionable) because when it comes down to testing – it doesn’t work right. AND then, they complain that I’m not technical to understand. I’ve built over 900 websites.. programmed most of them myself… They had a specific software that I wanted – and they never followed through with the contract, the terms, and the delivery.. Everything was nixed over the 90 day period. Everything! | DO NOT WIRE MONEY TO THIS GUY: | HSBC | Bank wire details – | Beneficiary Details | Name: AJ Square consultancy Services Pvt Ltd | Address: # 1-12 The Lords Garden, Vilacheri Main Road, | City: Madurai – 625006 | State: Tamilnadu | Country: India | Beneficiary Bank Details | Bank Name: HSBC | Bank Address: 96, Dr RadhaKrishnan Salai, Mylapore | Bank City: Chennai – 600004 | State: Tamilnadu | Country: India | Contact Number – 9843212555 |

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