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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AJOA A SAMPSON at Scamity.com on 19-Jun-15.


Business Details –

  • Address:
  • City: Pittsburgh
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 412-251-9155
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AJOA A SAMPSON published at Scamity.com on 19-Jun-15 says, verbatim –

My name is Awudu M****. AM 30 years old and a Ghanaian citizen. Ajoa Sampson is the name of the person am filling this report against. She is a Ghanaian and now an American citizen. She claim to have serve the Ghana police service for some few years and later found her love from online dating site and he decided to file for her and they later travel to the United State. The name of the Man is Michael and he is a resident of Los Angels California. She claim to be have been subjected to so much abuse hence her divorce. The state authority then rule against her husband (Michael) and she was compensated with 8 Master Bedroom and a Hundred Thousand Dollar ($100,000,000). | I know this lady through my Brother who met her on facebook and they fall in love. After a few months she decided to come down to meet him. I spoke to her on the phone as my Brother’s lover and we got to know each other by voice and later met on the day she arrived at Accra International Airport. | They had several misunderstanding and i try my best to mediate between them. She got my personal number somehow i could not refuse it. She claim to have been coming around without meeting my brother and if she called him he does not answer. | I understand her frustration and during her 5 time visit to our place she met his absent again and she ask if i can give my number to her so she can call me to know if he is around before she comes around as she has been spending allot of money on transportation. I gave out my number and she started to communicate with me to explain to me how she loves my brother willing to change his life for him if he prove to her he is going to be the best man for her. After her one month visit she decided to go back. We met her sisters and one Brother who are all northerners. She travel back to the state and we still chat on ”whatsapp and texting”. | This lady ”Ajoa Sampson” then introduce a car deal to me in my email and i got interested in the deal and she send me the pictures of the Car ( 2007 Mazda CX-7) and she told me she is ready to buy it for me then i can reimburse her after the car arrived. We had a long conversation on my whatsap and i still have everything intact. She told me she bought car and waiting for her paid cheque then she will pay for the shipping as the city authorities is taxing her on the said purchase vehicle. Ajoa Sampson claim the vehicle cost her $4500 + $1600 which is the cost of shipping to Ghana. I agreed to pay for the full amount in soon as the car is shipped. | She later contacted me and said she the car is shipped and i need to send her money. I send the first payment in the amount of $1400 on the 23rd September, 2013. I sent another $2000 on the 1st October, 2013 and another $1000. Ajoa Sampson started to change her numbers and told me she was just preventing other from reaching and gave me the new number. In December, i was expecting to have my supposed car documents and the container tracking number which she claim she has posted it to my address. I try to reach her on several occasions to get those documents and she is not responding to my calls or whatsap conversation. That prompted me to contact my brother to find out if he has a way of reaching her. | My Brother by then was not talking me as i did not know what is happening but i decided not to seek for any reason behind his attitude. Eventually i found out from him that Ajoa Sampson told him i hated him so much to the extent of blackmailing him. This has cause so much pain to the entire family after we were both summoned to know what was the reason behind our enemity. The family tried to get in touch with her and she has block every incoming calls. My brother later made a shocking revelation to me stating that he has once browse through her e-mail when she mistakenly left it open and went out. | Allot of individuals that she took huge sum of money from them to help them secured american visa and others who are relying on her get their green card papers by way of marriage are all sending threat emails to her. He never know she was taking my money when she told him am a trator to his very existence. We took it upon ourselves to contact her family and explain everything to them and they promise to make her refund every money she took from me since the car in question never existed. They got in touch with her and she promised to pay everything back to me on the 15th of January, 2014. Right now as am speaking she is on the run and i have to report this to the Accra police headquarters to help me look for Ajoa Samson. Below is her Bank of America Account details.

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