Al Packer Ford West Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Al Packer Ford West at on 26-Sep-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Al Packer Ford West
  • Address: 10601 Southern Blvd
  • City: Royal Palm Beach
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 561-790-1100
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Al Packer Ford West published at on 26-Sep-14 says, verbatim –

I bought my car in 2011,it’s a 2010 ford flex sel. i’ve been to alot of mobile station to get my oil change.well last year all our mobile station has went out of i decided to go to a ford place since my car is a ford why not.the biggest mistake that i ever made in my life.oh i am going to keep writting until i get some justice.this was my first time to al packer ford west dealership so i didn’t know how they did with cars.i never went into the waiting room.i stood out side to watch my car get pick up by a white man. he took my car to the back bay,seen all my nice plastic parts on my motor.I seen this same man closed my hood not all the way and drove my car in the backyes i call for the general manager,this white man tell me very low you don’t have pictures of it and no one will believe you. so yes call the police when the police get there the general manager pull him aside tell him something. the police then come to me and said you don’t have pictures and there is nothing i can do. | yes i’m mad as h.. so this is when i went to writting about this to everyone bbb,consumer,ford company,news people the internet,facebook,youtube,you name it i’ve told this story.i everyone to be aware of this kind of crime.really this is how crime start because i’ve been to lawyer and every kind of thing or person to hear my cry. no help yet.because i have to rely on this one car for work to and from 1 hour drive. rely on this one vehicle to take my mom around. i still got payments on this car.and for a person to strip your car everyone act like it okay to can rest asure that i want people to don’t go to a dealership for just a oil change,you might not have a car. | now who would of thought you would have to take pictures of your motor? i even got this story with people claim too. just like i said i’m going to tell the world about what happen to me.oh don’t let me for get this they even taking my original application of my car and put al packer ford west application to make this mass be alright to do. they even taking the shed that they had in the back up. they have change everything that i have said over this year so everyone would think i’m lieing. i seen this with my eyes and you can’t change that.yes put my name big as life on all the papers this is BESSIE J from BELLE GLADE FL 33430 | they stripped everything they could get off my motor. they even took my battery.after they did that this same white man drove my car from the back to the front and change the oil right beside me.i like to had a stroke when i open my hood.

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