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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Alain Burrese at on 05-May-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Alain Burrese
  • Address: 1915 McDonald Ave.
  • City: Missoula
  • State: Montana
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (406) 544-7410
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Alain Burrese published at on 05-May-15 says, verbatim –

Alain Burrese calls himself a Hapkido master and claims that he is a 5th degree black belt. I attended one of his seminars for advanced Korean martial arts in FL a couple of years ago. It was a JOKE! | He advertises himself as a Hapkido master and a self-defense expert and a world renown speaker, so I was excited to go to his seminar in FL thinking I would learn some new moves and hidden techniques. It was horrible! Myself and several other black belts in attendance left disgusted by the low level of his instruction. It was white belt level joint locks and very basic materal. | I could not take anymore! I left half way through his “seminar”. | I saw an advertisement this year and found that he is still doing this same thing. He tries to allign himself with martial artists who are better known than him and then sells himself as a well-known martial arts master. | The truth is that his “seminars” are not real seminars at all…most. I found out that most of his speaking engagements are to mostly empty rooms at his local Rotary Club, Forestry Service, Ladies Clubs, and the like. Where he teaches “self defence” to old ladies and old men. It is silly. His videos are very funny. He video tapes these speaking engagements and puts them on YouTube to give himself the illusion of being a big time speaker/teacher. It is a lie. If you watch close you see that there is really only a few people in attendance. | He is now putting out dozens of these videos and videos of himself giving people “self defence” tips on YouTube. His tips are just silly…drink water, watch for jellyfish, how to survive a zombie attack, and how to carry your purse are just a few of his master Hapkido tips. I have been practicing Hapkido for over 30 years and can personally tell you that these ARE NOT Hapkido self defence tips! | Now information is coming out questioning his true martial arts credentials. There seems to be much hidden about his ranks. It looks like a shell game. He bounces from martial arts federation to federation to get higher and higher rank. Some Korean masters are questioning if he earned his ranks or bought them in Korea. Flying to Korea and buying black belts is a known problem. Many “martial artists” are doing this today. It is a scam! | Some Korean masters even state that his ranks are fraudulent. His list names of his teachers but no one has ever heard of any of them. I have been practicing Hapkido for a long time and have never heard ANY of the names that he claims are masters that taught him. He made many statements about his masters in Korea that martial artists in Korea have questioned as being untrue. His rank is not accepted by all Korean federations. This says much about the man’s credibility. | His teachings at the seminar I went to in FL certainly were not those of a Hapkido master. I had bought 2 of his videos before I attended his “seminar” and I later found out that they were self-published and poor quality. The level of teaching from him is basic at best. | DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GUYS PRODUCTS OR SEEING HIS SILLY SEMINARS!! |

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