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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Alan Mascareno at on 21-Jan-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Alan Mascareno
  • Address: 999 W Hamilton Ave #33
  • City: Campbell
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 4084105872
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Alan Mascareno published at on 21-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

Working with Alan Mascareno (legally known as Noel Guitterez) of Vision R Media has been an exhausting and a very unpleasant exprience to say the least. My money has been wasted and most importantly, my time. I met Alan while working on a music video for an aritst I provided choreography services for. His friendly demeanor paried with his portfolio, professional experience and film degree from UC Berkely lead me to believe that he would produce great work for me. Unfortunately for me, I was wrong. I write this review as a public service announcement so others can avoid this unpleasant experience. I have already spent too of my time and energy on this matter so I will display conversations that have occurred regarding this matter to get my point across. | CHRISTINE WRITES: | Hi Alan, | I am exhausted with your lack of professionalism. Anyone who is an expert at their field and offers to perform these services as their way of living, doesn’t need this many instructions and reminders of what I’ve already requested several times in many forms of communication. | I’ll be honest, I feel like you conned me into paying for a service you never intended to complete. The services that you did complete had to be asked for multiple times. | I paid for a website-no website. I renegotiated that you do something else for me-you say yes to all. And then come Monday, you want to renegotiate that you can only do one of my request. And since then, you haven even communicated with me on how you’re going to get things done. It is not my job to supervise you-you should get stuff done cause it’s your business and I’ve paid for it up front. | I feel terrible that I allowed you to make me believe that you are trustworthy to provide me with a service-along with my client who you have not even dealt with yourself. You need to call her and see to it you do what she’s paid for. | You are talented, however, you have no respect for standard business practices. You don’t seem to care about your clients and what you promised to do for them. | I am exhausted. I’d love to give you chance to fix this but working with you seems take to much of my energy. You either can do the job or you can’t-looks like you can’t and you won’t. I would like a refund of some sort-you did not render the service I purchased. You didn’t even come close. | I feel terrible that you’ve not only done this to me, but to my client I referred you to-as well as the client that referred me to you. I’m not sure who else has been victim to your lack of professionalism, but I will make sure that people know of my personal experience. The entertainment industry is tough enough-people should get warning of people like you who mess with people’s time and money the way you have. | They only thing I want at this point is a refund for the service you did not provide. I’m not interested in any of your services at this point-if you are an honest business as you care about your reputation, you’ll give me some of my money back. | Hope you make decision to handle this matter in way that demonstrates you understand professional business practices. | ALAN WRITES: | I apologize for the hour of the email. The truth is that I don’t have the $150 to reimburse you I’ve been trying to get them but with rent, car payment. And so on I haven’t been able to do it. You seem to like my pictures and they seem to have a great effect with the people whom you show them to. I was hoping I could pay you back that way. I would gladly do 2 shoots for you, maybe with your kids or during a class. I really hope this is a viable option to resolve this. | CHRISTINE WRITES: | Unfortunately, this is not a viable option for these reasons: | 1) My company has already moved on to another photographer/marketing manager. In regards to my marketing needs, I prefer to work with one vendor at a time. I gave you and opportunity to be that person, and you did not deliver. As a result, my company has suffered. | 2) Although your photography was received well by my public, the service behind it is something I cannot and will not support. If all I wanted was a photo, I could have gone to the mall and/or had a friend take a photo of me with their phone. I hired you to provide me with professional expertise and hoped to develop a business relationship in which I could use you regularly. Because of how you delivered your work, and treated me as a customer and other customers, I cannot endorse you, no matter how well received your work is. I don’t work with people that I can’t refer to others. | 3) Your photo may have been received well by social media, but it was not by professionals in the entertainment and marketing industry. The work you produced for me is now being replaced. I can’t even use the logo you designed-which by the way, I could have done myself on microsoft-which now I am left having do as NO ONE is impressed by this logo-nor are they impressed with the website drafts. | 4) I gave you an opportunity to provide me with $150 worth of services by asking for flyers and a website facelift. As stated in your email, you didn’t think it would be fair to do both (although you agreed to it prior). Now you want to offer me 2 shoots-twice as much as what I originally asked for. I’m not interested in anymore of your services. | 5) The reason you are proving me to why you cannot give me refund is extremely unprofessional and none of my concern. | The bottom line is, I no longer wish to work with you. We both need to move on from this failed business relationship. Based on how unpleasant and unprofessional your entire service has been, I should ask for ALL my money back including the time I have spent dealing with you-which is what I plan to do if I do not receive my refund of $150 by the end of the week. Again, I would prefer to resolve this entire matter privately. Please adhere to my request. | ALAN WRITES: | I know you said you have no more interest in working with me, I keep trying to get the money to pay your $150 back but everyone is out of town till after New Years. I have been trying to collect that money to give you but it just hasn’t happened. I would gladly do the flyers and business card design if you would allow me. I just can’t give you what I don’t have if you’d be willing to wait till maybe a week after new year when people are back so I can collect I know I would have no issue paying you back. I can even do the cards as a sign of good faith if you’d allow me to. Something else I can do is promote your services, as you said this time a year everyone is proposing and getting engaged, I have friends who will be in need of your services. I can promote and do the cards as a sign of good faith till I can collect to give you back your $150. | CHRISTINE WRITES: | I will give you until January 17th-that’s 2 weeks into the New Year to issue my refund of $150. Also, I NEED that receipt which documents what I’ve paid and for what. If I don’t receive one, I will go ahead and make one for you that you need to sign off and approve for my bookkeeping/tax purposes. This is a very basic business practice that needs to happen. | I have already explained to you, in detail, why I am not impressed with your work. The service has been poor and the quality has been poor. Its not only my opinion but the opinion of those WE work with in the industry-which has been tough to hear because your photos and logo, that I’ve paid for, can’t even be used the way I need to because they are not believe received well by the industry we work in. | For someone who claims to have been trained by the best, I am disappointed. I don’t know what to think of your professionalism at this point-I hold myself to the highest standard of excellence for my passion and I thought you did too. | I will accept you to create something for me IN GOOD FATIH. I will accept a business card design (not with that logo you created-no one is impressed! ) This design you do in GOOD FAITH: I need it to be COMPLETE, USABLE and UP TO PAR with the STANDARDS of THIS INDUSTRY you claim is your PASSION and EXPERTISE. I will also need it in presented to me in a PROFESSIONAL and TIMELY MANNER. Because if you do not provide this to me in this way-you are giving me another failure and disappointment of a service. | You have until January 17th to make this right-refund, receipt and whatever you want to do “IN GOOD FAITH” to prove to me that you are not trying to rip me off. | As you can see, it is now past January 17th. I haven’t heard a single word or received any sort of refund from Alan Mascareno (legally known as Noel Guitterez) of Vision R Media. The lesson learned here is that a thorough background check is needed when working with entertainment professionals because although this person had a great portfolio, resume, education and pleasant personality, the quality of his work and his business ethics are terrible. | I am done fighting and accept that I have been ripped off. I have to cut my losses and move on. But before I do, I must warn others: Please save yourself the trouble and do not do business with Alan Mascareno (aka Noel Guitterez) of Vision R Media.

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