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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Alanita Travel at on 02-Jun-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Alanita Travel
  • Address: 87 Common St
  • City: Watertown
  • State: Massachusetts
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 617-923-4810
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Alanita Travel published at on 02-Jun-15 says, verbatim –

I booked tickets for my parents from India to the US with this company and got this confirmation email: "Confirmed – Your Flight Reservation: ***** Departing: Wed Apr 29 2015 01:45 AM?. Your booking total is: $2,529.66" | I even spoke with one of their agents a couple of days later when I didn't see the payment deducted from my card, and he told me it was fine, it went through. | BUT because of unscrupulous business practice of Alanita Travels, my parents, both of whom are senior citizens, HAD TO GO TO THE AIRPORT AND GET IN LINE TO CHECK IN —- ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT THEIR TICKETS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED! AND THE TRAVEL AGENT GOT A REFUND ON THE PAYMENT. My mother fell down at the airport due to the shock and the confusion and had a concussion. Ground staff of Air India was nice enough to come to their help but mentioned that they have heard similar cases from other customers of this Alanita Travel agency. | My parents called me in a shock from the airport, and luckily I happen to take their call. When I called the Alanita Travel agency # provided at their website, someone took a "Message!" and said someone will get back to me. I had called the 800 number, and then they had to call back from some (MA) area code. 🙂 Read other reviews with similar problem. This was not a one time occurrence but is their business model. These people are cheap and unprofessional. If you cannot have staff at the 800 # then do not provide it at your website. | So while my parents were still at the airport, an agent of Alanita did call me back and tried to sell me last minute tickets at 1.5 times the original cost SINCE THEY HAD REFUNDED THE MONEY ON THE BOOKING I MADE 15 DAYS AGO >>> WITHOUT ATTEMPTING TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME !!! . I agreed to purchase on the last minute, and immediately faxed all the details to that agent. Still, because of their stupid 800 number and 617 number callback issue, (they have different locations I think), they lost time and couldn't get my parents on the plane on that night. Had I known how incompetent they really are, I would have immediately gotten on Expedia and bought tickets for the same day, same flight which were still available. The Air India staff was nice and urging my parents to get a booking confirmation number. But the Alanita agent couldn't get his act together. | I can dig up and paste detailed emails received from this Alanita travel agent confirming my booking. After that there was no attempt made to contact me and they simply canceled the tickets to recoup their money since their payment module could not clear my payment which they found out maybe a "couple of days after it was posted to my account". SO THEY ESSENTIALLY RECOUPED THEIR MONEY, AND LEFT PASSENGERS STRANDED AT THEIR AIRPORT —- THINKING THEY ARE CONFIRMED. SENIOR CITIZENS TOO. 80+ YEARS! SHAME ON THIS COMPANY. This is no way to run a company and provide customer service. | I had left both my home and cell #s on their record. If they truly wanted to treat their clients with respect they would have called me a few times, emailed me a few times, send me something in regular mail etc. before canceling the tickets of 2 senior citizens, who had to return from the Airport on the day of their flight. | <b> It pains me every time the AlAnita ad runs on the Indian TV (with the wife, husband and even their little daughter in the Ad – as if they care for families!).</b> People do not know what frauds these new internet Travel Agencies are. I bought the tickets after seeing these Ads, but 20:20 vision, when I read other complaints at BBB it seems that they have wronged so many others in the same way !! Unfortunately only a few take the time to file an official complaint which I finally decided to do as well. | <b> Resolution: </b>Both my parents suffered health-wise that day due to this company. They didn't sleep for 2 nights in a row, very taxing for 80+ yr. olds. Besides the health hazard there were financial repercussions. My tickets for the next day (1-day advance tickets..) cost me $3228.02(instead of 2529.66 as promised by Alanita), and the cab fare back and forth of $200. If this AlAnita business is a little ashamed of what they did, they should issue me a check of the difference | Expedia and other established companies are so much nicer. They would issue the tickets and not cancel on customers without their knowledge! (and chase us later for payment if the issue ever arose). But better yet I had no trouble purchasing tickets at Expedia website using the same credit card on the very next day.

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