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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Aleuro Inc. at on 30-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Aleuro Inc.
  • Address: 4538 Centerview Dr Suite 130, NE Interstate 410 Loop
  • City: San Antonio
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 210-824-0245
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Aleuro Inc. published at on 30-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

A girl by the name of Ellysha Chavez came into my place of business claiming she worked for T mobile. She stated that Tmobile sent her out to the area to gain more business accounts for T mobile. She asked how much I paid fopr my current cell phone service. I shared what I paid and she said she could beat that rate by almost 50% less. I was very skeptic at first. However Ellysha assured me that she was able to offer these deals if we sign uo as a business account. We spent a lot of time talking about internet access and paying for GB. I mentioned I was aware that under T mobile once your reach your set GB amouint they”throttle” down and it becomes very slow. I had no interest in that. She said for just 40 more I could have truly unlimited GB data that would never reach a cap. I said it sounds to good to be true. She said she could put it all in writing. My second concern was my termination fees with my current carrier. She said no problem. ” T mobile will pay (“PAY”) those early termination fees up to $350 per line. Her words “Pay”. I said i have heard of that plan of paying early termination fees before. To sum it up the deal was to convert 3 lines over to Tmobile. All lines would have unlimited talk, text, and internet. One of the lines would be set up as aHot Spot at home with “true” unlimited data and GB. All for $160 per month. I agreed and she pulled my credit and i paid a 90 deposit. Next week the phones arrive. I make 3 calls to Ellysha to go over terms and conditions. She never picked up nor returned my calls. Therefore I was left to call the Wireless fullfillment center. I gave the info they needed to port my numbers over. The new phones began to work execpt one. The 3rd line that was to be used as the hot spot at home for unlimited data was not able to get online. Once again placed a unanswered call to ellysha. Then called T mobile directly. They informed me that the plan i was on was only for 1GB of data for 2 phones and no data on the 3rd phone. I said there is a mistake. I explained what I had ordered and was expecting. the tmobile rep explained the plan I was on did not over any data on the 3rd line. I explained again what I was supposed to be getting. T mobile rep apoligized that I was mislead and those prices for those amounts of services are not possible to attain. He did tell me that if I want ot activate the 3rd line with Unlt data my montly cost would increase to 260-280 per month. Since I had the T mobile rep on the phone i deciced to ask about my entire package and so called field rep. This is when I found out Ellysha does not work for T mobile. I also found out that the paln that was chosen for me does not qualify for the early termination fees. I said are you sure? T mobile rep was very apoligitic and said what I was sold was false. After ending the call i was upset to say the least. I called Ellysha many times. no answer. She finally answered to a text saying she didnt need to talk to me, she explained everything and call the 1866 number. She text back and forth with me but refused to have a conversation. The next morning she finally called back. She was sticking to her story. She said T mobile made a mistake. I offerd to 3 way call t mobile with her on tyhe line. At first she declined but then came around. During this call the T mobile repeated what I was told the night before. 2 lines have 1gb and 3rd has 0 data. The t mobile rep also said the plan she chise for me does not qualify for earlt termination fees. She argued with the T mobile guy and I. The T mobile guiy had to ask her several times to not interupt me the customer many times. The T mobile rep daid I was in my 14 day buyer remorse period and suggext i cancel the very misleading transaction. This was coming from Tmobile the company she supposedly worked for. I had to track her and this company down. Once I contacted them. they did not care, would not give me any info I requested about there company. I was told the Sales manager (Sara) would reteurn my call 3 differant tiomes. Still habve not heard back. I am out the $90 which they said will be charged for proration of use and I alsi had to pay to ship the phones back. |

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