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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Alex Johnson’s Funding Center at


Business Details –

  • Name: Alex Johnson’s Funding Center
  • Address: South Redwood Road
  • City: West Jordan
  • State: UT
  • Phone: (877) 298-8836
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2541 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Alex Johnson’s Funding Center published at says, verbatim –


Alex Johnson’s Funding Center is a joke for sure.  I was duped out of $2000.  I guess I have to chalk this up to “stupid tax”.  I went back-and-forth with this “company” for 5 months.After a couple months in, I finally got through and asked, again, if they had found a lender for me?  They proceeded to try and convince me that they had tried to reach me several times by phone and email that the lender was trying to get in contact with me.They said they would contact the lender again and let me know.Okay, the “lender” finally contacted me and it was just another middle man.This guy’s name was Terry Mae and he stated that he would find a lender for me.I explained to him that was supposed to be what Emergency Business Funding was doing.I told him I did not need another middle man but for Emergency Business Funding to deliver what they promised for me.At the very first phone call with Emergency Business Funding, the one where they are trying to convince you to hire them, they reassured me time and time again that I would be able to get the funding I desired, with the terms and payments that would work for me.They based this on my excellent credit standing and history.I agreed to the terms and they had me pay $1000 that day.They explained that the other $1000 owed would be withdrawn from the loan I was to obtain.A month passed by and no response.  As I am working my night shift, I visit the ATM around midnight, only to discover I have only $3 left in my account.They had drafted the other $1000 at midnight on a Friday night (like a thief in the night).This process of back-and-forth was drawn out over a 5 month period with no loan and me losing the $2000 plus the $200+ that is cost me to form a LLC.I know this is coming out in no particular order, but it just lets you see just how fired up I still am about this so-called company.Towards the end, I was being mocked and disrespected.  They would let my call go to voice mail every time and mock me when I did get through.It’s like they all have caller ID and screen calls.  I asked them several times that since they say they record all calls, that I wanted a copy of every call that I made.Then they would back down and say something like, “well, I don’t really know how far back we keep them on file”.What a joke. I asked them several times why I could not find hardly any comment or review of their company online.I asked several times why they were not a member of the Better Business Bureau.I asked a couple of them if they had ever seen the movie “Boiler Room”, they stated no.I then explained a little of the movie and this made them very upset.I hope that one day this company has a Class Action Law Suit filed against them and they be ordered to repay all the money that has been duped from us hard working people out here.I tried over and over for them to refund at least some of my money and they would they did provide a service and that they can’t help it if I don’t see it.I hope many see these reviews and avoid this company.


Alex Johnson’s Funding Center

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