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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All About Properties LLC at on 01-Apr-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: All About Properties LLC
  • Address: 410 S. Orchard Street Suite 184
  • City: Boise
  • State: Idaho
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 208.855.5990
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All About Properties LLC published at on 01-Apr-15 says, verbatim –

Patty Craft of All About Properties LLC is a professional Scam Artist . She knows how to lie and manipulate the truth . She makes decisions about your property without consulting the owner . She is not accountable for her actions and will lie to you through the entire process. She will bleed you dry . Then make you fight her to get what is rightfully yours. Disgusting POS. | We were duped. We secured our own tenant , because she never advertised our property . Then she stole our washer and dryer and other items from our garage without our permission. She tried to appeal to our kind nature and offered three different stories about poor unfortunate famiies that we could donate our appliances too. I think she was going to sell them and pocket the profit. When i asked a friend to go get our items form her storage that she stole from our property , she never answers her phone. She said the tenants were angry because we left gardening tools behind and that they wanted to put their own washer and dryer in . Thats is not her decision to make. Yet she says she had to go over on a Sunday and remove them , never telling us until we termed her that she was going to charge us for hauling them away and storing in her storage unit. We never gave her permission . She STOLE them. | We never got a copy of the lease agreement with our tenants although we asked for it several times. She finaly told us we weren’t entiltled to a copy even though we are the owners and her contract says that everything has to be approved by the owners. We terminated her after one month and now she is holding ourr personal items , the security deposit and screens to our windows hostage.We got a copy from the tenant and there is a space for us to sign , but we never saw it or signed it. | The first months rent was $1300 of which we received $200. I asked for an accounting of the expenses of $1100. She could not provide any account or receipts for these expenses. She kept saying our house was filthy and there was so much work to be done , but can’t show anything for it. We had hired a maid two weeks before we had moved our stuff out so the place would show well. We are not dirty people. | I can’t understand a word she says . Sounds like she is high or drunk or both. Her boyfriend does all the maintence . According to our tenant it was pretty shoddy and poor at best . He won’t give us back our screens for the windows and keeps promising an invoice for repairs. i even told him I would pay him , if he would just provide the costs and drop off the screens. No word. I told him he didn’t even need to instal them. he promised today he woud get bac to me but did not. Patty said she was at the office around 5pm tonight preparing an invoice I have yet to see at 10:08pm . So , if you did all this work equalling $1100 , shouldn’t you , as a property manager , have the invoices and receipts in a file for my property? Why is it so difficut to prepare a report and send it too me ? Oh I know , because you are LIEING and a THEIF. | Our tenant is in agreement about her lack of communication and getting anything done. She lies everyday. We are filing a police report for stolen items and going to small claims. this is ridiculous. I beleve that 48 states have have property management rules and regulations and lisencing for property managers.Idaho does not . C’mon peope get with the times. This POS and her company are ripping people off everyday. They know what they are doing and they play us for fools. I am not a fool . This is a complete waste of my time and I know thats what they capitalize on. They will drag it out until someone gets tired of pursuing them. Its so frustrating that these leaches are allowed to continue doing business. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Steer clear of these people . |

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