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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Custom Focus Global Imports, LLC at on 12-Nov-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Custom Focus Global Imports, LLC
  • Address: 20750 Ventura Blvd Suite 105 Carlton Plaza
  • City: Woodland Hills
  • State:
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (747) 900-6005
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Custom Focus Global Imports, LLC published at on 12-Nov-14 says, verbatim –

I met Raj Kumar of ACF Group aka ACF Global, Inc. through a business associate. I was told by Mr. Kumar that he owned eleven manufacturing facilities, primarily in China, and that through these manufacturing facilities he had the ability to manufacture anything and at the best cost. | As a result of Mr. Kumar’s stated vast resources, I joined his company as an independent contractor as a sales agent. From there, I introduced a former Guthy Renker product, Malibu Pilates and two “new to the market” products JJ Dancer and Beyond Barre (through my business associate, David Krieff). Mr. Kumar signed an exclusive agreement with Mr. Krieff which included a $15,000 monthly retainer. I was promised a 10% commission on net after cost of goods. Once Mr. Kumar had a fully executed, exclusive licensing and distribution agreement he refused to pay Mr. Krieff the monthly retainer he agreed upon and would no longer take Mr. Krieff’s calls. Several months into the project, the patent became due for Malibu Pilates and rather than notify Mr. Krieff that the patent was due, Mr. Kumar instead filed the patent under his name. Basically, he stole the product right out from under Mr. Krieff. Mr. Kumar has since returned the product to Mr. Krieff but it was only after I called him out on it when I found out what he had done. Because Mr. Kumar did not perform for Malibu Pilates, JJ Dancer or Beyond Barre my client, Mr. Krieff, is now in litigation with ACF Group and I have lost the commission I would have received on the sales of the aforementioned products. | Further, Mr. Kumar secured a deal with FIFA World Soccer for women’s apparel stating that he had global distribution rights. I brought an investor who signed a contract with ACF Group for global distribution. Once the agreement was in place, my client deposited $2.9M to secure the deal. When Mr. Kumar would not show my client the contract he had with FIFA, my client became suspicious and called FIFA directly to inquire about the details of Mr. Kumar’s contractual agreement with FIFA. My client was told by FIFA that Mr. Kumar only had U.S. distribution rights. My client asked Mr. Kumar for his money back, stating that he signed an agreement for global distribution when Mr. Kumar only had US distribution – something my client was not interested in. My client was told no. My client has been in litigation with Mr. Kumar for almost a year now trying to get his money back. Also, with respect to the FIFA deal, Mr. Kumar took $150,000 from the creator of the apparel line and because he lost the contract over his fraudulent misrepresentation of the deal, she is out her money. She has asked him to return her investment which he has not done. | Raj Kumar of ACF Group, Inc. has not done right by my clients. Time and again, he has taken money from innocent, unsuspecting people and has not performed. And, rather than own up to his mistakes, he lies to cover up his inadequacies; making up stories about innocent people to slander and defame them. He tells his unsuspecting clients that he owns factories in China, when he doesn’t. He tells his clients that he has the ability to market globally through his social media expertise, when has no social media expertise. He sells people on having big box retail relationships, when he doesn’t. He takes innocent people’s money and, for the majority of these people, does not perform resulting in many people having lost their investment. I spent a year of my life bringing the biggest deals of my career, which had the potential to earn me millions of dollars, and I walked away with nothing. I invested a year of my life with this company and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Please, please, please do not make the same mistake I made! |

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