All Custom Focus Global Imports, LLC Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Custom Focus Global Imports, LLC at on 14-Feb-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Custom Focus Global Imports, LLC
  • Address: 20750 Ventura Blvd Suite 105 Carlton Plaza
  • City: Woodland Hills
  • State:
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (747) 900-6005
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Custom Focus Global Imports, LLC published at on 14-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

In April of 2014 I was introduced to Raj “Kumar” Dhameja thru a mutual friend. Raj told me he owns ACFGLOBALUSA and also owns factories in China where he can manufacture and produce my product. He told me he had 120 million celebrity contact thru social media and he was going to use his special sauce to launch my product. He even went as far as having his in house lawyer at the time who no longer works for “Kumar” contact me and write up a make shift contract in five minutes that included things like airtime on QVC and HSN, contacts and sales from big box retailers like walmart, dicks sporting goods and other major bix box brands. he even went as far as having his team make me a new website in three days time and redesigned my packaging. unfortunatley this is where it all ends. on Jan 12th 2015 I received an email from my original conection to Raj. It was a 140 page report on Raj “Kumar” Dhameja, Ravi Dhameja and Ajay Dhameja who are Raj’s two sons. According to this email Raj and his sons where all in on the scam and using each others names to move money around thru different bank accounts that are in Raj’s ons names and he isn’t even on but still signs checks from. I was devistated to hear all of this being my dad gave Raj his last $25,000 which was his retirment money to perform all said in the contract. Raj was great at getting the money, “I just need to know you have skin in the game and you won’t walk” he said, or “You will have sales in 3-5 months”. Raj is a basic con man who has been robbing peter to pay paul since his birth in MA a decade ago. After taking big companies like FIFA for $2.9 million and being so dumb to have a huge contract with the Tiger woods foundation and not performing you would think Raj would want to do right for these big clients right? Wrong, now he is stooping to all new lows and taking people for there last dollars and prayng on vulnerable people who are down to there last dollar. There are close to a dozen people (ex-employees) and companies suing Raj right now for taking money from them and spending it on his families fancy cars and lifestyle. I figured it out at the end unfortunately. Raj is taking all of the money and creating a fake lifestyle for his “SuperStar” daughter Sasha Dhameja. She mingles with celebrities and gets personal voice lesons from a very famous vocal coach that was featured on the Voice. Raj takes all of the money and pays the way for her to be able to have all of the fake friends she does and its pathetic. I have made numerous attempts to collect from Raj thru email, texts and phone calls and at this point he has cut off all communication with me which seems to be the pattern after speaking with numerous other companies who are also suing him for non performance. All I can say is BEWARE, this man Raj “kumar” Dhameja is a scummy con man with no intentions on delivering on anything he says he will. In fact when I first met him he introduced himself as Raj Kumar when his real name is Raj Dhameja and even signed are contract as Kumar making it knull and void. Again all I can say is BEWARE of RAJ KUMAR DHAMEJA HE IS A WHITE COLLAR CON MAN WITH BAD INTENTIONS!!! | Fun Facts On Raj: | – Raj is on probation in MA for Writing bad checks | – Raj has written over a half a dozen bad checks to employees and contractors in the last year | – Raj is not a signer on any bank account yet he signs all of the checks | – Raj is being sues by Rare Antibody and Antigen Supply for taking $2.0 and not performing at all, in fact he used the money to pay off a mercedes mclaren and his kids cars as well | – Raj has taken from $10,000 to $40,000 in his last ten recent transactions and performed nothing, in turn each indiviual business is going after him in a personal suit | – Raj sells NFL licensed products without a license to sell it from the NFL in which he is being investigated currently | – Raj uses his son ajay’s ss number to open merchant accounts | -Raj neither Raj’s east coast or west coast company has filed taxes placing his emplyees in jeopardy of collecting unemployment | RAJ KUMAR DHAMEJA AND FAMILY ARE BAD PEOPLE AND THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN!!!!

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