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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Day Auto Transport at on 10-Jan-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Day Auto Transport
  • Address: 12135 NW 57th Street
  • City: Coral Springs
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8552691288
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Day Auto Transport published at on 10-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

All Day Auto Transport has callers and texters out of Miami, FL AND New York that continually harass you with texts like "Do you still need to ship a car"? I have NEVER needed to ship a car, and have never requested to do business with this company. Today, I called them to request YET AGAIN (fifth time) that they remove me from their spam texting lists. Each time I've called and politely requested removal, they assure me that I've been removed. But today, after getting into a heated conversation with yet another one of their reps, they harassed me with dozens of text messages and prank phone calls, also leaving spoof voice mails, all evidence which I will be forwarding on to the Better Business Bureau and Boardman OH as well as Miami FL Police Departments. One of the last texts sent by them called me an ***** and I would be glad to provide ALL of this evidence to you as well. The nerve of this company is appalling and they need to pay for it. I had to pay to have my phone number changed today and I want this company to pay for it. I have LOADS of evidence that this company has harassed me, and LOADS of evidence of my contacting them requesting to be removed, going back as far as early 2014. | I can provide proof (we'll take care of it in court, if necessary), of the fact that All Day Auto Transport, located in Coral Springs, FL, uses call centers to manage its transportation services, and those call centers are CLEARLY located in Florida, as the vast majority of the harassing calls and texts I received BACK to my phone originated from Florida…I would not have received those calls had I not complained to the All Day Auto Transport # 1-866-649-5827 yesterday and previously. | 1) All of these phone numbers belong either to All Day Auto Transport, or to employees of All Day Auto Transport….as I received numerous calls and texts even just yesterday, especially, following my fifth or sixth phone call complaint and request to be removed: | • 661-231-6908 – text message yesterday listing 866-649-5827 to schedule. This is similar to the previous texts I've received asking me if I want to ship a car. | • 954-681-2139 – pursuant to my complaint yesterday, I was BARRAGED by this phone number with 78 individual text messages of a single letter or a combination of letters, all pointless and harassment, all sent via iMessage, between 10:29 and 10:31am | • 954-294-8743 – pursuant to my complaint yesterday, I was BARRAGED by this phone number with 9 individual text messages, the last two messages stating "Tired of being an annoying shit, huh?" and then "cry-baby" and "thumbs up" emoticons, all roughly at 10:31am | • Additionally, pursuant to my complaint, I received harassing calls: | o (1) call from 904-863-5350 | o (6) calls from 754-229-2434 | o (3) calls from 954-294-8743 | o (1) call from 330-236-5850 | o (1) call from 786-623-5136 (left voice mail, listed below) | o (1) call from 330-423-4211 | o (1) call from 1-888-885-9123 | o (1) call from 203-850-7002 | o Voicemails from 754-229-2434, 786-623-5136, 888-885-9123, 330-236-5850, 954-681-2139, 754-229-2434 | • I also received harassing voice mails: | o 330-236-5850 "Angel" called in regards to my "BMW" going to Florida…she said that she was going to send over a quote and an email, which I never received. Obviously a harassing call, directly and chronologically pursuant to my complaint yesterday, at 12pm | o 954-681-2139 someone called me from All Day Auto Transport THREE TIMES over the speakerphone and recorded their own call, wherein I can hear A) them calling my voice mail repeatedly in the background, and B) my own voice mail greeting! They do this at least 3 times in the voice mail I heard, at 10:29am | o 754-229-2434 someone calling and saying "Hello" 3x in the call, with nothing more at 10:28am | o 888-885-9123 ext. 530, "Janice" calling at 12:17pm saying that they received an inquiry that I want to ship my 2011 BMW from Staten Island to Pompano Beach, FL….I do not have a 2011 BMW. I never have, I've never inquired of any transport companies and never requested ever to ship a car. | o 786-623-5136 "Henry Land" calling about the same BMW from the same location to the same location (above), Quote #35790-FM to [email protected] (not my email address), at 12:03pm | o 754-229-2434, a harassing hang-up call, at 10:29am | A simple query, or a legal one, into the phone numbers listed herein, will reveal that they either belong directly to All Day Auto Transport, call centers operated by or outsourced by All Day Auto Transport, or affiliates or employees of All Day Auto Transport. | I have been harassed REPEATEDLY by this company (as evidenced above) to the point of having to change my phone number and incurring a fee to do so with AT&T. | UNBELIEVABLE.

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