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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Delivered at on 31-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Delivered
  • Address: 4747 Oceanside Blvd Ste D
  • City: Oceanside, California
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 877-992-5533
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Delivered published at on 31-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

ULTIMATE SCAM!!! | DOES NOT PAY EMPLOYEES, OR “INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS.” | DOES NOT PROVIDE COMPLETE PROOF OF DELIVERY FOR DOOR HANGERS! | HIDE BEHIND MULTIPLE FAKE WEBSITES, AND LOCATIONS, WITH GOOGLE VOICE PHONE NUMBERS! | IMPOSSIBLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH! | Ok, now lets start from the beginning. After responding to an add on Craigslist to pass out door hangers in my area, I received a phone call from a man named Chris Jenkins, stating he was the district manager for my area in the Central Valley of California. He stated his office was located in San Diego, the website he directed me to was I started work on July 3rd and worked a total of 4 days, walking door to door passing out over 1,800 flyers myself. The average temperature was 108 degrees! Myself along with 4 others busted our ass in extreme heat for very little pay, just to earn some extra money to support our families. As soon as the job was completed Mr. Jenkins became impossible to communicate with. Not returning, phone calls, text messages, or e-mails for over 10 days! We were supposed to be paid on July 12, then the story changed to “Checks will be mailed on July 12.” from there the excuses build up. From “Checks lost in the mail” to “I will wire transfer you the money” and on and on and on. Finally, 3 weeks later, he agreed to pay me via Pay Pal. Yet again this was just another stall tactic, and myself nor the others were ever paid. | Come to find out this man’s name is actually Christopher Peterson, not Christopher Jenkins. And he runs this scam from his house at: | 12724 Lake Vista Dr, Gibsonton Florida, 33534 | | Another fake website they use is: | | Now after being lied to, scammed, and never paid, I began to dig deeper, contacting the business whom’s flyers we distributed. They stated that they hired a company named “ALLDELIVERED.COM” They paid up front, $1,200.00 directly to, to have their flyers distributed. When all was said and done,, never provided them with complete GPS proof that all 8,000 of the flyers had been distributed. On top of that he was extremely upset, to find out that none of the employees had been paid for their work. | As time has gone on, over a month now, we have still not been paid. What is even more frustrating, are the threats coming directly from Chrisopher Peterson, and his so called boss at ALLDELIVERED.COM named Melivin. Melvin has stated that, “His cousin works for the IRS, and is going to have me audited!” if i continue to go after them for payment. Mr. Jenkins or “Peterson” I should say stated, “Don’t make me jump on a plane to California to kick your ass!” At times they threaten me as late as 11:30 pm at night!!! This form of harassment, I find to be extremely annoying, yet somewhat comical. The California Department of Labor along with the Better Business Bureau, have joined together in hopes of getting to the bottom of this scam and put an end to it before anyone else can be taken advantage of. | In conclusion, to any business, or employee inquiring, “BEWARE OF ALLDELIVERED.COM” or any of their associated websites. They Claim to be a national advertising company, yet they can’t even afford business phone lines. They hide behind multiple fake websites, and google voice phone numbers. In the end they will get what they deserve. | Here is a Link to a site with more complaints, and poor people who are in the situation I have found myself in. |

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