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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All My Sons Moving & Storage at on 18-Jun-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: All My Sons Moving & Storage
  • Address: 3636 Silver Star Road
  • City: Orlando
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 407-650-0200
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All My Sons Moving & Storage published at on 18-Jun-15 says, verbatim –

I recently helped a friend out that hired All My Sons out of Roswell, GA. I was on the receiving end and was there to help her move things into place at her new house. | Management was generally unreachable while we waited for the trucks that we had no ETA for at the new house. In fact, nobody answered their phones in the office as well as the drivers for a significant amount of time (6 hours) the day of delivery. Then they rescheduled delivery for next morning, however, they didn’t show up until 3pm. Upon arrival, boxes were just brought in and dumped in an arbitrary area and not their respective rooms, contrary to what they clame is what they provide as a service. Even with all of the shipping blankets and shrink wrap, almost everything has some sort of damage to it. A very expensive China Hutch had every glass shelf broken, broke and missing wood trim and had many spots that the finish was worn off. Subsequently, the lack of shelves didn’t matter as all of her crystal was broken, even after it was bubble wrapped individually and packed well. That was just one of many tragedies in their 90% breakage average. Thousands of dollars in damage was done. | The next truck came the following day around the same time (3pm) and they showed up in a rental truck with no ramp or other tools nesessary to complete the services that they sold. They literally just dumped everything thing in a pile like junk and bolted out of there as fast as they could. They didn’t rebuild any of the beds that they charged as a service, lost most of the parts to even put the beds together and literally left a single mom with her two daughters sleeping on the floor and sifting through their broken belongs. I’ve never seen anything like it. I could go on and on about how terrible this company is run and especially how management spoke to my friend when she WAS able to reach management. The guy spoke to her with nothing but contempt and was unable to give her ANY info on just about every question she asked him. | Since seeing this operation in action, I started researching All My Sons and was not surprised to find horror story after horror story of situations exactly like this one on a local level and nationally as well. All said, do your own research and use your best judgment. Don’t be fooled by their fancy proposals and mission statements as most of it is not true. |

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