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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All My Sons Moving & Storage Stratford, CT at on 06-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All My Sons Moving & Storage Stratford, CT
  • Address: 480 Lordship Blvd
  • City: Stratford
  • State: Austria
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 2033770800
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All My Sons Moving & Storage Stratford, CT published at on 06-May-14 says, verbatim –

On June 23, 2012, All My Sons Moving & Storage Stratford, CT (AMS), picked up a small group of items from my deceased parents’ home to move to Texas. I was on the phone with my sister who was overseeing the move for me because I live in Texas. AMS told me that due to the small load, my items will be put on a truck they already have going to Texas. The estimated delivery was between 7/4/- 7/19/2012, and my items would stay in their warehouse until that time frame, when a truck going to Texas would be available. The time frame they promised had passed and I never received a call from AMS. | On July 18, 2012, I contacted AMS to inquire about my move. I was told that the expected truck to Texas was full and another truck would soon be available. I was assured my items were safe, stored in a “”separate container”” in a climate-controlled warehouse. I spoke to Al ** at AMS a few more times throughout July about a move date and they offered promises but never gave me a solid date. I called Al a few times again at the end of July, and every time, I was told he was unavailable to take my call. I left messages for him to call me back; he never did. | As of August 8, 2012, due to all the complications and their lack of returned phone calls and my concern, I started to keep a record of my phone calls, they are as follows: | 8/8/2012 – Al was busy; I left a message. He never returned my call. | 8/10/2012 – Al was busy; I left message. He called back and explained a truck would be available; he would call me with details. I never heard from him. | 8/17/2012 – Al was too busy to take call. I left a message with his assistant that I would like a move date today. Al called me back and said the move date is 8/20/2012. | 8/20/2012 – I received an email from Al asking me again to verify my address. I never heard from him. | 9/6/2012 – I called Al. He was too busy to take my phone call. I left a message with the assistant that I need a move date today or they will speak to my lawyer. I never heard back from Al. | 9/8/2012- I called Al. He was too busy to take my call, and he never returned my call. | My brother, John, heard my dilemma and called Al. He received the same treatment. Al was busy and never returned his call. John called the company’s 1800 number and contacted Travis in Dallas, who found out what the problem was – my shipment was too small for them to move. Travis asked if I would be willing to subcontract my items to ShipSmart; I agreed. | I was so upset. When I called them in early June 2012, they were more than happy to take my items and promise me that they could move them in the time frame stated above. I was patient all through July and August, but now I felt as if I was getting the runaround for reasons I could only speculate. On 9/8/2012, I received an email with contract for ShipSmart. I was told to fill it out and send back through AMS. I filled out an itemized list and sent it back through AMS as instructed on 9/14/2012. On 9/25/2012, I had not received any further communication from Al about the move with ShipSmart so I called him, and again he was too busy to take my call. My message was to get a move date and I expressed concern for the safety of my items. He did not return my call. | Later that day, I called ShipSmart directly. I was told they had never received any documents from AMS or Al **. I told them of my frustration with AMS and then asked them if I could contract with them directly – they agreed. ShipSmart sent me a new contract. On 9/26/2012, ShipSmart called me with a move date; they were going to pick up my items from the AMS warehouse in Stratford, CT on 9/27/2012. After all the delays and lack of communication and I felt like I had gotten a runaround, I had my brother, John, meet ShipSmart at the AMS to confirm all my items make it on the truck. | John and I were on the phone during this time. Al ** was also at the warehouse. My brother, John, was concerned with the state and storage of my belongings and took photos. Items that AMS told me they had packed were hanging out of blankets. Other items were not grouped together; items were on a pallet near a door. We went through the inventory and found 2 missing items: a 45″”x35″” oil on canvas with frame, “”The Garden of Prayer,”” numbered 695/1750, signed by Thomas Kinkade and The “”**”” Family history and family crest, with frame and glass. | Al ** started to comb the warehouse for the items to no avail. He could not find them (John took photos of this). I was so angry I had my brother, John, put him on the phone. Knowing Al was at my deceased parents’ house to pick up the items, I asked him where the paintings were. He then stated that there were never any paintings. I tried to refresh his recollection with conversations I had with him through my 2 sisters. He then stated maybe they stole them. I was so angry and upset that AMS had “”lost”” my deceased parents’ family heirlooms. | I filed with AMS’ claim department first asking them to find my paintings. Two days later, they informed me they were unable to find them, and told me to file a claim. I filed a claim asking for full replacement value of the missing items and a written formal apology for all the distress I incurred through AMS. I also submitted a complaint on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Mr. Frank ** from AMS (I believe he owns this franchise) responded in a very contentious manner, and even stated, “”I understand she is upset, but falsifying the events will do her no good.”” Later in October, I had a phone conversation with Mr. Frank ** and he was again very combative and contentious. | I submitted all documentation and formal appraisal for the Kinkade painting and its value is $5605.00. For the “”**”” Family history and crest, my family could not find any supporting documents from my deceased parents’ effects. Without the item, its value cannot be determined, so I placed its value at $100 (I have photos of the item). AMS claim department sent me a check for $500 stating that this was the value of the items I had listed with ShipSmart, and a very contentious letter from Mr. Frank ** filled with suspicion of me for having my brother at the warehouse for pickup. Throughout the letter, he continually tried to impugn my character and motive. He declared that I was not at the Connecticut address at the pick up time and I don’t know what happened at that time; his operations manager of 8 years, Al **, was at the Connecticut address, that he knew what happened. He also quoted Al as stating that “”there was a lot of chaos at the pick up as your family members were breaking up the belongings and it’s very possible they were left behind.”” | This could not be further from the truth. Al was at the Connecticut address on a few other occasions as AMS had moved some of my siblings’ items. On the day they moved my items, only my 2 sisters were at the house for the sole purpose of waiting on the AMS truck to pick up my items. I only had an oral inventory list given over the phone to Nick at AMS in Stratford, CT. I never signed any contract with them. The bill of lading is a blank form my sister in Connecticut had signed. I declined the AMS settlement. | My experience through the move and claim process with AMS has been extremely negative. They accepted my move knowing ahead of time the small quantity, while assuring me my items would be well cared for. They then gave me the runaround about a ship date for 78 days. Finally, there was a solution to use another mover and family heirlooms from my deceased parents turned up “”missing or lost.”” They then tried to settle for pennies on the value of the items, all the while attacking my character and my credibility. All My Sons Moving & Storage in Stratford, CT has fallen so far below any moral, legal, and professional standards. | Mr. Frank Fatigati of Fountain Inn, SC, who owns the Stratford branch of All My Sons Moving & Storage has responded to my complaints and my missing items by attacking me, my character, and my recollection, as well as my family ( he accused them of stealing my items). Frank Fatigati and All My Sons Moving & Storage in Stratford, Ct. business model is so far below any professional standards and moral standards that i know.

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