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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All My Sons at on 10-May-14.


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  • Name: All My Sons
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  • State: Afghanistan
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Original Complaint against All My Sons published at on 10-May-14 says, verbatim –

When did it become acceptable in a business or a family to promise to do something, have someone pay to do it, not fulfill the obligation, then have an almost 60 year old woman with a bad hip, back and shoulder and her daughter who is almost 40 and recovering from a severe knee injury to move the object? | When originally called, the refrigerator, which they were told was large, was one of 2 primary items required to be moved. No one asked the brand. The gentleman showed up, were told that when it was delivered, the service people had to remove the doors and drawer to get it in the house and through the kitchen pass through. They said they could do it, but put it off till last. I ended up paying $585.00 to have a china cabinet, a couple of chairs and a box or two moved, but the fridge never did get moved. Instead, it was DAMAGED. The refrigerator was in perfect order and pristine brand new condition before they attempted to move it. It’s now Severely dented and scratched. They spend almost 2 hours trying to move it when they apparently weren’t even supposed to. I signed the waiver without realizing the damage at the time because I had to focus on finding a way to get it moved. I was told “”an expert”” would be out the next day. He showed up, mom found the damage, he wouldn’t touch it because he didn’t want to take responsibility for doing further damage since it was already messed up, got on a 3 way call with the dispatcher, my mom and myself only to be told i’d get $185.00 back for damages and that i’d have to pay to have a professional move it. When i started looking around, I found that noone would touch it because the movers had already messed it up and they didn’t want to be liable any further. So my mother (almost 60 years old with a bad hip, shoulder and back) and myself (almost 40 recovering from a knee injury last june) had to look up the instructions on removing the doors and drawer, rent an appliance dolly, and move it ourselves. I have pictures of all of the damage and us moving it. When I called the people back to discuss this further, i made it very clear of the situation and that either i got a full refund or i’d take it to court, and was told “”I run this company like i would my family, but the only options are the $185.00 or i can direct to claims””. I attempted to explain it wasn’t just about the damages, but rather that the situation of 2 old FEMALES doing what their men couldn’t, but continued to get the same answer. When i asked to speak to a person higher up, i was told there wasn’t anyone. I went through 3 people trying to get this moved and $$ compensation only to eat the cost of the move, the damages AND have to move it myself. | The gentleman who moved the furniture, outside of the refrigerator were amicable to whatever we needed, but as i was told “”they were trying to impress me”” by attempting to move it. | George Hoffman is the dispatcher I spoke to, who also told my mother on the 3 way call “”you’re daughter’s right, you need to breathe and not get all worked up””. He promised to call back after the issue with the “”expert”” (Algae) coming out and getting on the 3 way call who was supposed to call back in an hour and never did. | Chris Generale is the second person I spoke to, who I never got his position or title, but was later told that he was the Vice President of xxx for the company’s location, when i called in to talk to George the next day and hadn’t heard back from him. He is also who said $185.00, but that he could override more than George and would send me paperwork with details of potentially more refund due to some other customer service issues, which I never received. | Jon Wilson is the Operations Manager for the location who told me “”there is no one above me here”” then later told me “”you already spoke to him, Chris Generale, and he’s agreeing that the $185.00 or claims is the only options. He’s also the one that told me “”i run this business like a family””. | All 3 Talked over us ALOT. | None of them seem to understand the issue isn’t JUST the damage of the refrigerator, even if I did sign a waiver, given the circumstances with everything else, my refrigerator had to be moved by 2 older woman with disabilities because no one would touch it after All My Sons damaged it. |

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