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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All PC Zone at on 13-Nov-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All PC Zone
  • Address: 222 Alpha Park
  • City: Cleveland
  • State: Ohio
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 866-810-3808
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All PC Zone published at on 13-Nov-14 says, verbatim –

Let me start by saying that I consider myself a pretty patient guy, but I must admit my patients has been tried to no end. I have to be objective in my assessment of the Company I’m about to talk about, and use kind words as I’m not one to use multiple cuss words in being a professional in my field of media. History:I’m a former 20 year broadcast veteran of radio and TV. since I left the broadcasting fiend in the late 90’s I have opened a side business as a professional videographer/photographer and often do marketing as well as business video’s and weddings for my clients. In this business, Clients don’t really care about what kind of problems you may have in production or post production, only that you can deliver thier product on time, every time!. That’s what they pay the big money for and reputation and integrity is pretty high on the list if you want to stay in business these days. | I learn how to build and program computers in the early 90’s and have build way over 30 high end computer systems for myself and others. I’m always interested in the lastest electronics, graphic cards, cpu’s,gpu’s fps,etc. I also pride myself in doing alot of research and comparisons when it come to computers. I have since fell behind in doing indepth reseach because my workload has since doubled and I spend more time in production than I do on line. With that being said, My wife is the one who has an Ebay account and often buys things for herself and the kids when needed, as she is very much into photography. | Recently I overloaded my computer system and realized I needed more hard drive space and a faster CPU with more cores for multitasking as I often do. With 3 projects hanging in the wind so to speak, that needed editing. I decided that I had a little time in between projects to research Ebay for an inexpensive but practical system to step up my workload. After looking at multiple computers and realizing Intel does make very high end computers with more stable systems(I’ve always had intel)but they are more expensive than my budget at the time, I decided to go with and AMD 8 core for multiprocessing. There were so many choices at very fair prices I decided to settle on a high end AMD that “ALLPCZONE” was advertising for a great price, The ad said to call the support line to speakk to a representative to make sure that I’m choosing the right configuration.I settle on an AMD 8350 4ghz AMD buldozer with 4gigs of ram 500 gig HD and everything except a graphics card and an operating system which I was planning to install myself for $444. I did make the call, and talked to a lady there who asked me what I was using it for and suggested that this unit wouldn’t work for what I was doing, and would get back to me with a proper configuration that would suit my needs better. | after a day went by she emailed me with her recommendation which was a AMD 4120 3.8 ghz cpu with 8 gigs of ram and a 500 gig HD a radeon 6570 and a 570 watt PS. for $470 I though at the time it was a major downgrade but she reminded me that she wanted to stay with the $450-$460 range. I submitted to the recommendation even though my heart was set on the 8-core but I thought what the heck I have very little time before these other projects have to be done and it did come with turbo boost to 4.1 ghz and I wouldn’t have to find a graphics card and stay within my budget. it took almost a week to get to me which put me a little behind on my project but I though I would catch up fairly quickly. I unloaded the computer installed my HD in it with an operating system still installed and unistalled my old drivers and installed the new AMD drivers. All seemed to go well after I loaded my editing programs. Then after the third day of use the monitors started to pixelate really bad and I lost the picture and the computer went to blue screen. I restarted the system again and for exactly 2 minutes it seemed ok till the monitors started to pixelate again and the computer went to blue screen and shut down. I removed the graphics card and plugged the monitors into the integrated DVI and VGA ports and no more blue screen. However the sound card went out and I couldn’t get any sound now, and the computer began to run very slowly. I loaded all my programs on to my external 2 tb drive reformatting the HD loaded a fresh copy of windows and drivers from the disk reloaded the amd drivers reinstalled the graphics card and after 5 minutes the computer went blue screen again. | At This point I called tech support and they insisted that graphics card go out and they would replace it, I just have to give them another $60 bucks deposite on my debit card and they can send one out 3day shipping and refund it when I send them back the faulty one, well with over $2000 in unfinished projects sitting on the table and $40 TO MY NAME AT THE PRESNT TIME!, the only option I had was to send the card back which would take 5-7 days and wait for them to send the new one which would be another 5-7 days return trip, My wife said don’t bother just send the whole computer back which of course they said I have to pay the return shipping cost, My wife then in her frustration called customer service and they said they would have FEDEX pick it up and ship it back and refund the money after they recieved the computer. FedEx picked it up on the 4th of Oct, from Beaverton Oregon, We checked the tracking after 5 days and the package was still sitting in Troudale Oregon, and said that the package was damaged in transit and was sent back to sender. At the top of the tracking info it said “Delivered”. | After numerous calls to both Fed Ex and All PC Zone from my wife and I, They informed us(All PC Zone) that we had miscommunication and the package was in route to them, so we waited. The following Monday I made a call to All PC Zone and asked them wahat was going on and when the package would arrive to them in frustration the lady said to stop calling and that they have things under control and don’t call Fed Ex anymore just wait. She then left a message on my phone and said the package would arrive the following thursday and I would have my refund on Friday. It is now Wed, November 12th My wife informed me that the refund was put back into our pay pal account but because it was done by echeck it won’t be available till Noverber 17th. In the meantime I lost 2 accounts because I was a week past the grace period (14 days total)which is how long people will tolerate waiting on a project that they already paid a deposite on. May be this was just bad timing but it has been a very costly lesson for me and my business. Bottom line, If you settle on what you want dont decide on something else no matter what other may say or offer you.

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