All Season Auto Sales Llc. Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Season Auto Sales Llc. at on 19-Jan-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Season Auto Sales Llc.
  • Address: 6464 Brookville Road
  • City: Indianapolis
  • State: Bermuda
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 317.731.5522
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Season Auto Sales Llc. published at on 19-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

I found All Seasons Auto while seeking out a used car lot for people with poor credit such as myself. I went in and talked with the owner and he seemed kind, honest and understanding. Seemed. | He first showed me a car that wouldn’t even start.. I should have ran away then, but I didn’t. Then he put me in a different car, that I liked very much. I test drove it and fell in love. He made promises about the condition. I requested a warranty and was promised one. It wasn’t inspected and he claimed it was because there were some bulbs out and that they’d get it fixed and inspected for me. He said he’d inspect it and I’d have it before the Holidays. I was so excited. Was. | I got a call a couple days later saying there was a bad mass air flow sensor but I could pick it up and drive it until the part arrived. I asked if it would be harmful for the car, I was told it wouldn’t be. So I went to pick the car up. By then, and I had just signed the paperwork, the turn signals weren’t functioning right but again I believed it was a bulb issue and carried on. One week later, on New Years Day, the car broke down. My family was stranded. They towed it for me and told me it was another sensor and they’d fix it. The next day they called to tell me their mechanic blew up the engine. I was angry. Very angry. | They gave me three options: unwind the loan and walk away, pick another car, or they’d fix it. It took my husband and I a day to think but we decided that not pursuing this further was in our best interest. They agreed to unwind the loan and we could look elsewhere. It was a hard decision but I was relieved. | I got a call the next day telling me that their options were no longer valid and I had to either keep the car and let them ‘ fix’ it (despite admitting their mechanic had NO idea how to work on this car), or default and let them repo it. I immediately became inconsolable. Mentally, this was destroying an already fragile infrastructure. I was trying to work on my credit. The 22% loan was predatory at best, but I was willing to pay on it for a decent running vehicle. But no matter which of their new options I chos, I was putting myself at risk – whether it was financially with a repo, or physically with an unsafe vehicle. Both options left me mentally and emotionally drained. | I called the lender since I was told it was them that refused to unwind the loan. The lender was on the other side of the country and told me they never talked to the dealer. The rep told me she’d have to get management to speak with them and then they’ll follow up with me. After a couple days of not hearing back, I called the lender. They told me to just keep in touch with the dealership and it’ll all work out and reminded me that my payment was due in a week. Astonished, I questioned this logic to a very unhelpful rep who seemed clueless. So I asked again – if the dealership asked to unwind this deal, could that be done… She responded telling me yes, that has happened in the past. | Called the dealership back with specific directions on how to get in touch with my husband or I that day due to work schedules. They didn’t follow them. I had my husband call again because by this point I had become such an emotional wreck that I couldn’t even shower or do normal things. My fragile mental state was destroyed. | On speakerphone the assistant manager at the dealership blatantly called me a liar when he said he had the transcript from my conversation with the bank and that they never told me that if the dealership was willing that they could unwind the loan. They then made me out to be a liar to my own husband. The interesting thing was he mentioned my conversation with a man at the lender. I’ve only ever spoken to a woman there. | My payment for this car is now due and not only have I not seen the car in nearly 3 weeks, I do not know where the car even is. My depression has taken a stranglehold on me and simple tasks are impossible. The amount of mental and emotional suffering because of this has been huge – and yet no transportation has come of it. |

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