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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Seasons Contracting at on 08-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Seasons Contracting
  • Address: All Seasons Contracting 8050 Watson Rd. Suite 372 St. Louis, Missouri
  • City: St. Louis
  • State: Afghanistan
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 3148433600
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Seasons Contracting published at on 08-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

All Seasons Contracting cam to my door. My first indication something wasn’t right was this guy who smelled like he coulden’t get enough blood in his alcohol content. Older guy and a younger guy with him. The younger of the two approached me and explained. (Were assigned to the area to help people get full replacement roofs at no cost.) I know thats not possible I told him. I started to give him a rough way. This old guy gets out of this big diesel ford . He introduces himself as the head inspector. Explains they work for my insurance company. He didn’t know if I qualified. Asked if I had time for the free inspection. | Asked if they were bonded? He explained they were and had an A rating at the bbb. no open complaints . Said they were helping people all up and down Hofmeister , named a few other near by streets. Told me it wasn’t costing any one a penny out of pocket. I asked if they had a ladder , They did not says he was doing this for years and could see storm damage from the ground. [continued below]…. | Report Attachments: | ….. Played along really started to feed into it. He walks around my house nodding and going hmmm ah huh . Asking me how long I had noticed this and that? | Ended up at the end telling me he could get it all all the way around the whole house . And if I act fast really fast. I should be able to get new something or another at no cost as well. By this point I felt my intelligence was being insulted. Never the less I’m open minded. | My life time friend is an adjuster for an insurance company I don’t carry as they cost to much. Though it would be a great way to get a natural opinion. Had him take a look . He saw a lifted shingle or two, Not torn not loose enough to qualify my roof . A few dings in my gutters from my tree branches smacking it . And my steel siding had no weather related damage. | He however said this old drunks name is Mark A professional Storm Chaser and insurance run up claims night mirror. Described others with the same company .Told me be ware of frauds like that. This guy is forever trying to waste insurance company time on pany any claims . Said a lot of people fall for the scam. I was lucky as he could have cost me my policy. | Told me they were a big scam in Illinois. I checked the BBB. Sure enough they are grade F with revoked accreditation . This link will point that out | | The Real Connection Is the Office manager at the Grade F All Seasons . Brandi Sampson. She is listed as Office Manager in Il. Im Mo she is listed as the President of the Organization. It looks Like they hid a dummy Corporation In Missouri While they ripped off Il. Now they just drive across the water and rip off some more innocent people.I intend on making the BBB in Missouri as well as the Attorney General Aware. Seems even the Attorney General In Il. MadaganHeavely Fined them and than ordered them not to do Home Improvement or Restorations in Il. Info At This Link | | Lst it seems all should be ware. They do come back to meet your adjuster. They are in hope the adjuster writes a check so they can pick it up and never come back to do the work. Wonder how many people have fallen for it. Ive seen signs of theirs in yards for months and months haven’t seen no roofs or siding. All be ware Shady things with these guys. They Must be doing good they drive $60,000 trucks to come to your door to impress and dazzle you! A company that provides vehicles for their head people to drive drunk. Great presentation people but no dice.

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