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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Service Moving at on 01-Nov-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Service Moving
  • Address: 66 SE Morrison St
  • City: Portland
  • State: Congo
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (503) 810-2770
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Service Moving published at on 01-Nov-14 says, verbatim –

I contracted All Services Movers, Inc to move my goods to Austin, Texas from Seattle, | Washington following a solicitation call from Anthony at All Services Movers. I was given a quote for | $1300 and when the company arrived to collect my things, they increased the price by $500 after the | goods were loaded. They told me that the items which had come out of a 200 cubic foot trailer were a lot more than 200 cubic feet. When they asked for the additional money, I suggested taking items off the truck and the driver said that my account rep could just adjust my quote to make the rate lower. I called and emailed Anthony several times and never got a reponse. | Between pickup and the final drop off in Austin, I had a very difficult time reaching | the company and getting answers from them. They have one phone number you can call and one email | address to use. I submitted a claim to the company on two different occasions via their official process | and never received a response. I have asked to speak with a manager and am told that no one is | available. The company forced me to pay 60% of the increased total in order for them to release my | goods and would only allow me to pay via email or fax. Not over the phone. | When my goods were delivered, the driver immediately demanded more money, threatened to take my | things and never come back if I did not do what he asked and called me names and screamed at me. He told his workers not to talk to me. | When I tried to take a picture of the DOT number, he threatened me again and then covered up the DOT | number completely. Then he told me to go upstairs to my apartment and stay there or they would leave and never come back. When they were finished unloading what they had not stolen, I asked to read the paperwork before I signed it, the driver refused to let me and left | without getting my signature or giving me a copy of the paperwork. 2 boxes and a rug were missing and | my couch was damaged. The movers also tried to deliver things to me that were not mine and when I | said they didn’t belong to me, they took some of those goods home with them. | Since delivery day, I have called the police (I will follow up to actually report the stolen items as they did | not write anything down when they came to my house). I filed a formal complaint the company about the | conduct, updated my complaint on the BBB site to include the details of delivery day, and submitted my | claim to the company and will do so with my insurance company as well. I filed a report with the FBI. I have contacted lawyers to try | to get legal help to pursue this case to get justice. I have also been looking into the company online and | it seems several other people are having similar experiences with them. Additionally, they claim that they | are not a broker but I have since heard otherwise. The driver that delivered my goods worked for a | different company and the people who moved my things into my apartment were just random people | contracted within Texas. | This company is more than sketchy and seems to be engaging in fraudulent practices. I want justice to be done for myself and others who have fallen victim to them. They should not be able to practice business and get away with the way that they take advantage of people, abuse and disrespect them and steal things.

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