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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Services Movers Inc at on 11-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Services Movers Inc
  • Address: 2100 West Loop Suite 900.
  • City: Houston
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (800) 599-3104
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Services Movers Inc published at on 11-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

All Service Movers is a complete hoax! I was told they are not a broker, which is a lie, they are even listed as an actual company not a broker, but it isn’t true. They ARE a broker and they suck at it. I told them what I had, unknown to me it wasn’t completely entered onto the manifest, I called for two weeks trying to get more things added and ended up giving up and giving away a bunch of stuff that I was unable to add; a desk, rolling chair and more office stuff, a tv, and many other things. | Then they show up and say that what even what was on there wasn’t correct and loaded up all of my stuff and then charged an additional $500 for what they call 5 pieces.. a box spring which should have been a no brainer with a complete bedroom set, a side table for bed, the two metal pieces that make the bed frame and a wine rack. Ridiculous.. The wine rack I get, I just wasn’t trying to give it up! But that is the ONE thing I knew wasn’t on the manifest, the rest should have been. | Unfortunately I wasn’t there to make them unload everything and say forget it though.. and why? well… because they kept getting the pick up date wrong and trying to come when I wasn’t there. They were supposed to pick up a few days before I left and ended up picking up a few days after I left. So a friend was there and let them get away with that. I wouldn’t have. | At any rate, we gave them a $500 check, they already had a deposit of $250 and now instead of the last $500 at drop off I was to give them $1000. Well I waited 3 weeks since they sd it would probably take 3 weeks due to the truck and the price and yada yada.. Didn’t hear anything so we start to call to find out a delivery date and come to find out, they couldn’t cash the check for some reason, said we bounced a check and put my stuff in storage without even telling me. | Most businesses will call while they are trying to cash your check and say, hey this isn’t going through for some reason do you have another form of payment? For our situation the money was in the account we were having a problem with the bank, if they would have called, we could have taken care of it in ten minutes. Regardless, so now since we “bounced a check” they won’t take a credit card we have to overnight a money order, so we do, like idiots. Which it takes us another week to find out for one reason or another they didn’t get.. We go round and round with the rude and ghetto customer service talking over us, telling us we are unprofessional and that we shouldn’t have bounced the check none of this would have happened and on and on.. Well someone told my friend that because of all this he could go head and pay with a credit card, she sent the credit card form, he filled it out and returned it an hour later.. it takes another week to get someone to say “you cant use a credit card because you bounced a check” WTF!!??? Are you kidding me? We have been through this before.. we overnighted you didn’t get it, we canceled and you sd we could to a credit card, they stated not sure who told you that, but that is not going to be possible. | By this time we had already cussed each other out numerous times and I had tried to simply cancel and get my stuff back more than once and kept getting told if we will just take care of everything our stuff will be on its way.. the most ridiculous business I have ever had to deal with in my life!!!!! So this goes on for another week, by now I have been in Maryland for 6 weeks with three duffle bags of clothes and shoes.. sleeping on a twin size air mattress from Wal-Mart. Finally ive had enough and demand to talk to someone who can make things happen, keep getting the same ghetto girl no matter how many times I hang up and no matter what number I call back.. so I imagine them to be in a small office in someone’s basement maybe.. with ten different numbers to make them look legit. Making dirt deals all day long. | At any rate, she tells me at this point the only way I am going to get my stuff delivered because of my attitude, is to pay the balance in full in advance. I laughed and accused her of smoking crack, which she must have been to believe that I was going to over night her a money order for $1500 after the ridiculous unprofessionalism I had experienced up to that point. Besides, they more than likely wouldn’t get it anyway like the last one. Of course this makes her mad, and she tells me she is now going to refuse ME service.. I’m thinking – EFFING GOOD!!!!!! and to come get my things ASAP!! Only now they are charging me labor, packing materials, and storage fees O_o Seriously??? I’m thinking they should be paying a real mover to bring me my belongings, not charge me more money!!!! | Regardless, I had my friend go get the stuff, I told him to take a sherrif and not to pay them one more damn red penny!! However, he is drama free, so he paid them and picked up my stuff. Now we are into them for about $750 I am lucky we apparently got all my stuff back, though I haven’t seen it yet, because now its in storage in Denver STILL!!!! I have now been here nine weeks, and will NOT be using a mover EVER, I will now rent a truck, fly back, and drive my shit here myself! Which apparently I should have done in the first place. This company has given me the all-time worst moving experience EVER!! They should be closed down.. Ridiculous! Not only would I like my $750 back, but I’d like my belongings!! Idiots. | DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE EVER

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