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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Tech Transmission at on 24-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Tech Transmission
  • Address: 11619 Bissonnet St
  • City: Houston
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1 281-879-5575
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Tech Transmission published at on 24-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Good Morning, | I am a homeless, single mother of a 6 year old little girl that is going through very rough times. Earlier this month, my truck starting leaking transmission fluid and I called a mechanic by the name of Gary Little. He came out the same day, took a look at my truck and informed me that the transmission seal needed to be replaced and he would charge me $550 to repair the leak. I agreed to pay the $550 for the repair and arranged for Gary to come tow my truck to his shop within a few hours, which he did. Gary guaranteed me that my truck would be repaired within 2 days time after I explained to him that my truck was my home for the time being and I needed it back right away because of this reason. We both agreed on the 2 day repair for the amount of $550. | The 2 days passed and I gave Gary a call to come and pick up my truck and to pay him for the repair. At this time, Gary informed me that my truck was not ready because the shop that he was working at did not have enough employees for that week and they were behind. At this point Gary asked me to give him 2 more days and promised me that the repair would be done. 2 more days passed and I called Gary back to come and pick up my truck and AGAIN he told me that my truck was not ready due to lack of employees at the shop and ask once again if I could give him 2 more days. Angry but desperate for my truck to be fixed I agree to give him yet another couple of days. At the end of the week I gave Gary yet another call hoping I would be able to come and pick up my truck and pay for the repair he was supposed to do. But this time Gary told me that my truck was still not ready because the initial repair that he thought was the problem, as to why my truck was leaking, was in fact not the problem at all. During this phone call Gary told me that he found what the actual problem was and he needed me to bring him $130 so he could go and buy the part and finally have my truck fixed. The next day I found a ride up to the shop to deliver the $130 for the part he said he had to buy for the repair, and receive the receipt for the part. After I received the receipt Gary promise that my truck would be repaired the very next day. The next day I called in hopes my truck would be repaired and at this time Gary told me, yet again, my truck was not fixed because the problem that I just bought the part for was not the problem either. | At this point, I felt Gary did not know how to fix my truck and told him not to do anything else to my truck and I would come and get it towed to another shop and a mechanic that would be able to fix it. I also told Gary that I would pay him for the tow and the work that he put forth thus far so I would be able to get my truck to another mechanic. Gary started yelling at me and told me I was going to pay him the full amount for the repair even if it was not repaired and that he would not give me my truck back until I paid the full amount fixed or not. | After having a brief argument with him about this, I called the police station and asked them what I should do. An officer informed me that this situation was a civil matter and I would have to take him to court. I called Gary back and told him that he needed to fix my truck because I was not able to work to feed my daughter and that was my place to sleep. Gary then said he would have my truck repaired within the week. Every few days I called Gary and he kept telling the same thing that my truck was not fixed and he had to hire a transmission specialist to find out what the needed to be done to repair the small leak in my transmission. | At this point, Gary had taken my entire transmission out of my truck and did not know how to put it back in. Gary informed me that he had to hire another person to put my transmission back in my truck and I would have to pay an additional $100 to pay the extra person that he hired. Now the total for the repair is up to $650 in addition to the $130 I brought him for the part that didn’t even need to be repaired. | I had my brother call Gary and tell him that he would pay the full amount just to be able to get my truck out of his shop and to another mechanic. Gary then told my brother that I could not afford to take it to another mechanic and he would have it fixed by the next day. My brother told him he was only giving him one more day for the repair and if it was not repaired then he was getting my truck towed from his shop and he would pay him the full amount to get my truck out of his hands. | The next day, Gary called and said that my truck was finally fixed and I could come and pick it up. | I did not come that very day because I waited for a male to be able to come to the shop with me just in case there was any other problems. When I told Gary this, he said he is starting to charge me storage fees by the day and the cost to get my truck would increase each day. Within 2 days I was able to have a male come up to the shop with me to pick up my truck. When I got there, Gary was not able to find my truck key and we waited 30 min before I was able to get my key but only after I paid the full amount. My friend told Gary before we paid, we needed to test drive my truck to make sure everything was ok and that he could get in the passenger seat so he wouldn’t think that we would just drive off without paying. Gary denied our request to test drive my truck first and said we were only allowed to start my truck and not drive it. My truck was blocked in by 2 trucks and even if we tried to drive my truck, we were not able to. He also stated if I did not pay him the full amount that day that he would put a lean on my truck. | Once Gary finally found my key and I paid him the full amount of $650 so he would give me my truck key and not put a lean on it. Once I got the key, I started my truck just to hear that it now sounded like a loud motor boat. I brought this to Gary’s attention and immediately Gary became angry and starting cursing at me and putting his finger in my face while he was cursing me out. I hit his hand out of my face and then 2 other mechanics from the same shop ran out of the shop verbally attacking me calling me bitches, and hoes and one even told me to suck his private parts and said they were calling the police on me. | So after I paid him the $650 and requested a receipt. While Gary was writing the receipt, one of the mechanics that verbally attacked me, moved one of the trucks that was placed in front of my truck so I could pull off. Once I started my truck, hearing the motor boat sound, I tried to pull off, my shift stick would not budge. I was not able to put my truck from park to drive or reverse or anything. I called Gary back over to the truck so he could see this damage and also the check engine light that was now on. Gary ran back to the other mechanics and ask why it wasn’t shifting because he didn’t know what they did to make this happen. After no one could tell me why my truck wouldn’t even shift, he told me to take my “bitch ass” away from his shop and that he was not going to do anymore repairs on my truck. After about 15 min of jiggling the shift stick it went into drive, but anytime my truck was put into park, I was not able to shift back into drive or any other position unless I jiggled it for about 15 min. | Right after pulling out of his shop I went straight to another mechanic to see what damages were done. The mechanic report states that Gary put a hole in my exhaust pipe (the motor boat sound) and also put my transmission console back into my truck crooked and did not bolt the console back in and that is the reason I am not able to shift and it would take $500 to repair the damages that Gary had done to my truck. | I gave Gary my last dollar to repair my truck that I retrieved with more damages than it had when he took it. | My friend that came to the shop with me recorded some of the incident and also recorded when I started the truck and heard the motor boat sound as well as me not being able to shift my truck into drive. | I am saving my money to be able to file a small claims to get a refund so I will be able to get my truck fixed properly. | What should I do?? I also wanted to shed light on this mechanic and the shop so no other single mother or anyone to that matter to be conned by this shop.

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