All Tune and Lube Land O Lakes Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against All Tune and Lube Land O Lakes at on 08-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: All Tune and Lube Land O Lakes
  • Address: 4107 Land O Lakes Blvd
  • City: Land O Lakes
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8139962886
  • Website:


Original Complaint against All Tune and Lube Land O Lakes published at on 08-May-14 says, verbatim –

I managed this store for almost two years under the current owner Bob Ramazzotto. I have so many experiences to share, I dont know if theres enough space on here! I was instructed on many times to charge customers for repairs that they authorized and not to do those repairs. For expample Bob instructed me not to change a water pump on a networking friend of his, that he was charging $700 for the repair, he instructed myself and the technician just to put a over the counter coolant sealer in the coolant system and charged the customer for the water pump that was never replaced. We have a school teacher that brings her car in on a regular basis, her car was overheating and just needed a hose replaced, Bob instructed us to sell the customer a headgasket repair for $2500 and all Bob did was replace the hose and add super sealer to the coolant and pressure wash the engine down. Bob claims to be this great CHRISTIAN MAN (his own words) would a christian man do this to people? Bob pays his employees half on the books for minimum wage so we have workmans comp, and even with this he changed each of the employees federal withholdings to 10 so he would pay less in payroll taxes. Bob has a separate computer on his desk in his office that he runs cash and check invoices on so he can attempt to hide them from the state. Bob punches the walls in his facility, kicks holes in the walls, see for yourself! | | I found it very hard to sleep at night knowing this man was ripping customers off! He is the one that should be in JAIL for his business wrong doings! I was falsely accused of stealing $500 cash from this store. I never stole cash from this store! Bob is a THEIF and a poor leader in our community. He hides behind his so called faith! He is a phony! He brings his poor twin daughters to the shop on the weekends he has them and they have to sit in the customer waiting room all day while he ignores them. His daughters have been in his office when he has thrown a printer across the room because he didnt get his way, the girls ran out of the office with fear on their faces. You are unethical! You are fake! You continue to bash me and slander my name across this small city all of it gets back to me, I have a list of people fully willing to assist in the civil suite coming your way! Keep up the great work! All of your GOOGLE and YAHOO testimonials are fake! Let everyone know how you are selling your businss on Craigslist for 99,999 dollars, yet you bounce checks to your employees. There comes a day when we all must face the decisions we have made in life, yours is coming. Stop ripping people off! Pay everyone you owe money to! Stop hiding the cash from your wife, he just bought a $8000 motorcycle with it. | | If you are a previous customer of All Tune in Land O Lakes. I would pull out your service records and make sure you are not one of the vicitms of this mans un-ethical business practices. If you are not sure bring your car to have it checked out at any local dealer and then contact your credit card company to inform them you have been decieved. NONE OF BOB TECHNICIANS are ASE certified like he claims. All of Bobs advertising efforts use the ASE certification emblem but no one there now is certified. Bobs way of hiring a technician was to see how you cheap you will work for and to make sure you have a pulse. Most of Bob technicians dont even have a valid drivers license. Bob is being sued by a customer who left his shop after a costly repair, and his van caught on fire two miles down the road. I have contacted this lawyer for the customer and I am fully willing to help out, I was instructed by Bob if I was to be deposed for this suit against him, if I wanted to keep my job I was to lie about what chemicals we used to clean this mans engine with. BRAKE CLEAN is very flamable he wanted me to lie under oath and tell the lawyer that we used purple power to clean it. | SCAM SCAM SCAM |

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