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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Allconnect Inc. at on 05-Aug-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Allconnect Inc.
  • Address: 4 Concourse Pkwy Suite 410
  • City: Atlanta
  • State: Georgia
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-866-429-9210
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Allconnect Inc. published at on 05-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

Do not bother using this sketchy middleman. If you need internet or cable, call your cable company directly! All this company does is take your personal info and forward it to spammers. | I am moving into a new apartment and needed to call my electric company to register my electrical service. After calling and setting up my electrical my phone call was forwarded to a company called Allconnect. They told me they were willing to help set up any other services I may need for my new apartment. Not knowing any better I decided to order Comcast high speed internet for $49.99/month. They took all of my information including my Name, apartment address, phone and email. They then told me that they will be forwarding my information to Comcast within the next few hours for processing. I even set up an apointment so they could come out and set up the service. | After the call I received a very sketchy looking email from Allconnect The email didn’t even mention Comcast or any internet service. It just game me a 9-digit confirmation number and my billing address. I didn’t think much of it since the rest of the process should be from comcast. | *** | Three weeks went by and I have never received anything else from Allconnect or Comcast regarding my internet service. I found out that I will be moving into my apartment a week later than planned so I needed to call Comcast to have my intstallation appointment changed to a later date. | I called Comcast and they had no record of any of my information. I then decided to go on the Allconnect website. I clicked on “check order status” and typed in the confirmation number that came with the sketchy email I received after “registering” my service. Allconnect had no record of my information either. I decided to give them a call on one of their many phone numbers slathered all over their website… After calling them, they said they had no record of my information and forwarded me back to Comcast. Complete circle… Eventually, a Comcast representative told me that Allconnect never sent my information over and I had to completely start all over again with registration. | This time I decided to register directly through Comcast with no issues. | Ever since giving Allconnect my information I have been receiving nothing but spam mail. It gets worse and worse everyday, phone, email (especially). As said before, this is nothing but a middleman scam, taking your personal info and never sending it to the correct person. Goodness only knows what else this company does with your name and address… For now on I will be contacting Comcast directly. |

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