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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Allegiance Communications, LLC at on 17-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Allegiance Communications, LLC
  • Address: 1819 Airport Dr, Shawnee, OK 74804
  • City: Shawnee
  • State: Comoros
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (405) 481-7921
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Allegiance Communications, LLC published at on 17-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Allegiance Cable is about as worthless as it gets for cable tv services. Here in Stafford Kansas it is the only option we have for cable TV. Allegiance has always provided poor customer service and an even worse product. Channels go in and out. Half the time it just shows a black screen with a small box saying the channel will be back shortly. Apparently a company called Vyve just bought out Allegiance and I was kind of hoping theings would get better. BOY WAS I WRONG. | I run the only motel in town and cable TV service is kind of a big thing when you have customers who demand it. The service goes out Sun evening 5/11/14 around 6PM. I wait till about 7 to call it in to see if it gets fixed without having to deal with their call center as it’s always a nightmare. I’m told “of course noone would be able to fix it till morning as it’s now too late in the evening”. I lose 4 customers that evening as they are not interested in checking into a motel without TV service. Can’t say I blame them at all. | The next morning I call at 8AM to make sure someone would be out EARLY in the day to fix it. I’m told they should be at the motel by 9AM. Well, 10AM rolls around and no. 11, Noon, 1, 2, 3, at about 4PM a tech calls and says he is looking into the problem. This is a very small town of about 800 people. There are literally 5-6 “roads” around town. I can see the cable service/repair “hub”station for the town from the motel office. The tech is not there. I walk around the motel and there is no tech here. I literally got in my car and drove down each street looking for him. The man was NOT in town and flat out lied about “working on it”. | About 6PM he pulls into the motel (in his own personal vehicle mind you) and says he does not know what is wrong but a tech will be out 1st thing the next morning to fix it. I make sure he is aware that this “outage” has now cost me about 450.00 in business and there is no excuse for it. I call into the call center that night and leave 4-5 messages telling them they are really hurting my business and please call me back as I need to speak to someone higher up about it. Of course, no call back. | The next morning I call the call center again to make sure someone will be out EARLY to fix it. After leaving 3-4 messages, I get a call back around 11AM saying a tech will be out in a couple hours. I ask if I could speak to a supervisor and am told there is no supervisor there. They can’t help me with anything but telling me when a tech will be out. 1, 2, 3PM and about 4PM a guy shows up. I tell him what I have been dealing with and he says, he is a tech not customer service. While the tech is trying to fix the issue I continue to call various numbers the call center gives me to reach someone who can make this situation right. | Most of the numbers are to a various voicemail boxes where you can’t leave a message as “it is full”. 4PM, 5, 6, 7, finally at 8PM I see the TV in the office has a picture pop back up. I quickly grab my phone and walk to the next street over where the tech was “working”. I figured it might come in handy to record the discussion with my camera phone as it might be needed later on. I tell the tech the cable is back on and WTH was the problem with it? I said it must have been something major. His response was, “not at all”. He said, “We are just replacing junk with more junk”. Yes, I have a Vyve tech saying that on camera. He then said, “I’m not even sure it will last through the night, if it goes out again, just call back into the call center”. | REALLY? He then says he was able to fix the issue by going to the next street over and taking a part from that box(attached to the high electrical wires in town) and replacing the bad part in the box serviceing the street next to the motel. He said, “I’ll have to make up a reason why their service is out now, but at least yours is back on”. He said, “Someone will be out to replace the part for that part of town the next day”. REALLY? I go back to the motel and call into the call center and leave a message telling them the cable is back on BUT I still need to speak to a boss, supervisor, or someone who can make decisions. | The next day I get a call at about 9AM asking if my cable is out? I told them no and mine had been fixed the night before. The woman said there was an “electrical storm” last night and part of the town’s cable was out and she was just checking on the motels service. I guess the tech from the night before used “electrical storm” as his reason for using a part from the box on that side of town to fix mine. Yes, this is absolutely crazy and pathetic. I could not help but laugh. I ask the woman if she is someone who can make decisions on billing and accounts and she said no. She was just a call center employee. | I get no call the rest of that day as to my 10-15 calls trying to reach someone from Allegiance/Vyve who can deal with my extended outage at the motel. I just wait. | The next day around 3PM I get a call from a woman saying she was returning my “numerous” calls. I go over everything with her and after considering the situation for a few minutes and discussing it with someone while I am on hold she tells me she can credit my bill next month with 20.00. Keep in mind the motel lost about 700.00 over the 3 days in room rates as the TV sevice was down. I had a few guests who stayed as it did not matter to them but of course most just went on down the road to the next motel who did have TV service. | I respond to her, “Is that it”? She says it should actually only be about 14.00, but she is trying to be fair and will round it up to 20 bucks. I tell her I am not a residential home with 1 TV. Their lack of effort to fix my service had over 20 TVs without cable TV for several days. You just cost me 700.00 I told her. Her response was 20 bucks is the best they could and or would do. I asked if I could speak to someone above her and she said, “I am the end of the line as far as this matter is concerned”. | And there you have it. We have paid THOUSANDS to this company for our cable TV services. I have never had residential services with them, but if this is how they treat their business customers, all I can say is GOD help the little guys. I guess I did get a peek at how the residential customer is treated. Their service is down waiting on a replacement part that a VYVE tech removed to fix another persons service. | Honestly, you just can’t make this stuff up. Thinking about getting Allegiance/Vyve service? Reconsider (((competitors’ names redacted))) if I were you. We have our quote and will be making the switch ourselves shortly.

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