Allied Collision Center Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Allied Collision Center at on 21-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Allied Collision Center
  • Address: 9826 Bissonnet St
  • City: Houston
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (713) 774-0773
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Allied Collision Center published at on 21-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

I got into a car accident around 0.5 miles from this location. This was my first car accident so I was unsure of the entire process. I told the policeman that came was at the scene that I did not live nearby and that my family would take long coming to get me. He informed me that he had called a tow truck for my car (since it was undrivable) and that they would take me to where my car my vehicle was being taken. | The tow truck driver came and the two truck was red and said Allied on the side. Once I got into the vehicle, he took me to this location on Bissonnet. He told me this was a storage place and that I would not be charged for having my vehicle here because it was considered storage. They then began asking me about the insurance I had and other insurance related information. I was still dazed, confused and was not sure what was really going on so I figured this was procedure. I was told by my father to call the insurance ASAP so when I entered this place, they sat me down and asked me to sign three papers. | I don’t remember much but I do remember something about having their workers go out and talk to the adjuster about my vehicle for me and taking off my bumper so the insurance adjusters could take a better look at the damage. I signed three papers (never was given a copy) and was “”told”” what they were for instead of asking me to read them and then was asked to call my insurance. I did this and they got what they wanted (my claim number). I was told my insurance would be out there in two days to look at my vehicle. I know I should have read before signing but like I said, I just got into a car accident. Seriously was not thinking people would be trying to take advantage of people that just got into bad accidents. | They came to pick me up and we were given ugly looks when we went back to my vehicle and began taking out my personal belongings like my radar, work tags, clothes, shoes, etc. Nobody had been close to my vehicle back there the entire time until my boyfriend and I walked back there. This old man walked back there was staring at us while I showed him the damage. Since where they had my car was a bit closed off, I went to my vehicle and took some things and began walking back to my car around the fence (I had left my doors open so obviously was going to go back) and began walking back and the man began closing the gate on me. I know he saw I was going back since I had left my car trunk and doors open. This gave me a really bad feeling, like he didn’t want me to take things from my car. It made me want to do research on the company. | I did not realize what I had done really until that night. I think I was just in shock after the accident I really didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t begin to cry and really take in that I had just been in a bad accident until that night. In the morning, I looked this company online and began to see they had scammed me and what they did was illegal. I was obviously not in a great state, had a clear mind, or anything to be signing anything. | The tow truck driver took me to his shop and did not ask where I wanted my car to be taken, did not do anything but take me to his shop. Signing those papers basically gave them the okay to work on my car after my insurance came to look at it. After calling my insurance and asking them to have my preferred shop pick up my car, the shop called me and said I had just made a huge mistake signing those papers. The tow truck driver from my shop asked me to go up there and sign a release, releasing it to my shop. He also said these were one of the worst and he has dealt with MANY people being ripped off and scammed by these same people. He said we needed to get my car out of there ASAP before my bill jumped astronomically. | He asked me to call and get the exact amount needed to get my car released. Randy told me they would call me back within ten minutes with the amount. Randy then asked me why I was taking my car and I said “”my dad wants to deal with the car himself and doesn’t want anyone else other than him. He said “”Why? he can’t fix it. We can.””. I simply told him that my dad wanted it home, it is his car and I am to do what he says. That satisfied him enough to get off the phone. An hour later, I had not yet received a call so I called back. They said “”Ohh I’m sorry, hold on let me get Randy on the line””. I was on hold for ten minutes. I hung up and called back and the girl (Rachel) told me the amount. By this time, it was too late to go get my vehicle since the two truck driver would be fighting traffic, etc so we had to go the next day. | When we got there, the tow truck driver (who will get reimbursed by my shop and them by my insurance), had to pay $765 to get my car released. They charged me $325 admin fee (to put my name on a folder and me use their phone??), $105 for storage (they did say this was free), $245.45 pay out fee,$84 for “”diassembly”” because they took my bumper off my car. RIPOFF! Do not take your vehicle here. Do not allow the tow truck driver to take you here! They are thieves!

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