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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Allied Credit Solutions at on 30-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Allied Credit Solutions
  • Address: 612 E 16th Street
  • City: Plano
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (800) 901-8122
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Allied Credit Solutions published at on 30-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

My name is Aaron Faubion and I am the President/CEO and founder of Allied Credit Solutions, LLC (“Allied”). I was recently advised of this publication posted here on this website ( which makes allegations against my company Allied Credit Solutions, LLC that are entirely false and without any merit and is completely basis. | To address these items in turn: | The post discusses allegations from the attorney general’s office (it is unclear which state’s AG) and that “XXXXX” company was required to pay a fine in Massachusetts for various violations. This is NOT Allied, but yet another company, which can be shown in the following link: By this person posting this under our company name "Allied", the posting person has attempted to allude that these acts were committed by Allied, which is a COMPLETE FALSEHOOD, and is corporate disparagement. | Further, the post references an interview with a former employer of Dee Huff "Hoff". Ms. Huff worked for a brief period for Allied (less than a months time) and only in the capacity of an independent contractor. By this person posting these allegations against Ms. Huff under Allied’s name, this creates the belief that Ms. Huff and Allied are one in the same, which is a complete falsehood and again amounts to corporate disparagement. Ms. Huff is in no way affiliated with or employed by Allied. | Moreover, the post states that Allied does not have the required surety bond, that the surety proffered to the poster was fictitious and that Allied is an out of state company. First, Allied has, from inception, maintained the required active bonding requirements with no lapse in coverage. This can be evidenced by clicking on the following link ( and typing in “Allied Credit Solutions”. Note also that the site clearly lists our bond provider and that Allied’s bond is in full force and effect until February 25, 2015. Further, if you click on the following link ( and type in “Allied Credit Solutions”, it is clear that we are a Texas LLC in full compliance with Texas corporate law. Clearly these allegations are without merit and are actionable. | In addition, the post references an “affiliate law firm”, which makes no real sense. Allied is co-owned by Patrick Murphy, who is a Texas licensed attorney with the firm Murphy & Vickers. | Further, the post alleges that Allied charges monthly fees, which is against the great weight of evidence to the contrary. The company has never charged a monthly fee, which is clearly stated on the company’s website. | Finally, the post states that Allied is a scam, and suggests we make false claims, which is a material misrepresentation and again actionable as corporate disparagement. Rather, the poster seems more focused on “Dee Huff”, but the allegations clearly trying impair the good name of Allied. | An individual called in to Allied (to whom I believe is the person posting this), I personally spoke to him. He called in several times looking for Ms. Huff. He was then advised that she wasn't in the office. He hung up and preceded to call in excess of 10 times, to her extension. When I spoke to him he demanded answers to very specific questions right off the get go, (like, how many people do you have in your office, how many men in your office, what are your hours, when is Ms. Huff going to be back, how late do you stay, and would not provide any information as to what he was trying to accomplish by asking these questions, as if he was trying to find someone (Ms. Huff) and wanted to see what he was dealing with. | When I tried to answer the questions that applied to the company, and provide him the information he was asking for this person started getting more and more demanding. He then stated he was a client and that Ms. Huff was his agent. When I asked for his name to look him up in our system, I couldn't find any record of him being a client of Allied. (reminder, Ms. Huff was only an independent contractor for less than a month) Then, he stated that he wasn't really a client, but yet wanted to be a client, and that he was working with Ms. Huff. I then proceeded to ask if Ms. Huff has his information. He responded yes, I researched his name in our prospect system, and couldn't find him again nor any information on him. I then said, "let me look on her desk and see if we have a file on you", subsequently this person hung up. | We believe that this is a personal posting and that this personal as some personal vendetta against Ms. Huff and is using a smear campaign against Allied to accomplish this. However, as previously stated, making false statements against our business is clearly disparaging our company. | For these reasons, we have demanded that this site immediately remove this post or remove all references to our company, Allied as none of the allegations are grounded in fact and or have been proven otherwise. | We take matters like this very seriously, as this impairs our business and we will take all actions necessary to ensure that this issue is vindicated. However, we hope that the site administrator will simply remove the post as broadcasting falsehoods like this, is likely not in the best interest of their business, as it discredits their organization, thus allowing anyone to publish anything without verifying its contents. | Allied works extremely hard to ensure we offer the most compliant products to consumers, and only provide the appropriate reasonable expectations. We provide consumers with education on how to manage their credit, how to use their credit more effectively in the future, offering free credit consultations to consumers so they understand what their credit reports reflect. Our legal team and investigations unit work tirelessly reviewing State and Federal guidelines to ensure that Allied continually remains in compliance. | To conclude, I ask that the author of this publication either amend its content, remove the publication, and or counter any of the information provided in my response. Additionally, I challenge the author to provide his/her contact information either publicly or to myself directly (as I have below), so we can resolve any matter they may have. | Sincerely, | Aaron Faubion, F.C.R.A. Certified, C.D.S. | President/CEO | Allied Credit Solutions, LLC | Real People, Real Solutions. | | Direct Contact (214) 256-3277 | Email: [email protected]

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