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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Allied Home Warranty at on 09-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Allied Home Warranty
  • Address: N.A. Kennedy Architecture Bldg, L.W. Minor St
  • City: Houston
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 7136640200
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Allied Home Warranty published at on 09-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

In the summer of 2013 my home A/C quit working. I called Allied Home Warranty and they sent out a techician. When the techician arrived he said the AC was low on feron due to a slow leak in the system. He replaced the feron but refused to fix the leak. He stated feron was being fazed out so I would eventually have to replace the unit any way. I had to pay $60 and the issue was not repaired. | I immediately called Allied to report the techician. I was told by Allied Home Warranty that the techician had not reported the leak to them therefore if I wanted someone else to coe look at the AC it was cost me another $60 for the service call. After arguing with them a techician did not come. | Fast forward to Friday July 4th, 2014. Again my AC stopped working, again I called Allied Home Warranty. This time I was told if I wanted someone to come out the same day or Saturday it was cost me $120. If they came on Sunday it would be $200. I questioned the price and was told it was in the contract that they did not cover emergencies or weekends. After my home reaching 90 degrees inside and having an ill puppy I went ahead and someone sent out on Saturday. I checked the on-line contract and it stated $60 for ALL service calls. I saw nothing that stated emergencies or weekends would be more. | The techician arrived at my home, looked at the AC, said it was low on freon due to a leak in the coil. He also stated Allied would not cover the feron although they had covered it the previous year. I immediatly called Alliedand told them the issue with my AC was exactly what I had told them the techician refused to fix last year. I told them Ishould not have to pay for more feron and a $120 services fee when the problem should have been taken care of last year. I was told last year had nothing to do with this year. I asked to speak with a manager and was told one was not avaliable but would call me Monday morning. | Monday afternoon came and I had not received a phone call so I called Allied again. I spoke with a Vicky or Nikki. I was told Allied would not compensate me for the service call or feron since the techician last year had not reported the problem. After becoming very upset on the phone I was told she would speak to a manager after reviewing what the techician this time had said. | On Tuesday, 8 JUly 2014 I received a call from Allied. I was told all they would reimburse be was $60. She went on to say that I would have to pay $1800.00 to have my AC repaired because Allied would only cover the cost of the coil and there were other parts I would have to have. | I called Joe Cool,the company who had came out and spoke with Joe. He stated the additional parts were not required in order to replace the coil but they were recommended. He said Allied would not replace the coil without the additional parts. | I called Allied again and this time spoke with a customer service manager. She stated the additional parts were required and they would not cover the coil without them. I askedwhy then was Allied not covering the additional parts and she stated, “Well, because they are not broken”. | Allied Home Warranty is a rippoff. Now I’m stuck with an AC that is still leaking because I cannot afford $1800.

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