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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Allstate Moving Relocation at on 18-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Allstate Moving Relocation
  • Address: 2000 N. State Rd. 7 Suite 101 Margate, Florida
  • City: Margate
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 855-257-2908
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Allstate Moving Relocation published at on 18-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

This company seemed friendly and professional until they got my deposit. I scheduled a move from TX to CO in May. I informed Kirk M. that I had to move because TX environment was detrimental to my health. The mold made me deathly sick and that Ihad been to 15 Dr. in 10mo. and nobody could figure out why cortisone shots in my knees crippled me. He took my deposit and sent me an email that Kelvin Abrue would be my moving coordinator. | I called this Kelvin so many times over a period of 10 days I started to wonder if he was a front. I never received a call back. I called different people in the company. Finally after a few days Kelvin called me back and left a message when he was available 10-7. I called several times durning that period, he never picked up. I left several messages and asked him to call me. I discovered that the “home” I rented on-line was a mobile home. Due to health reasons I cannot live in a mobile home–it’s like a death trap. I had to suspend the move. I called different people other that Kelvin. That guy is a joke! | I was having a difficult time finding a home and the new job I landed needed me to start working, so I went to Colorado. I found a home and a MD specialist. I called Kirk again last Tues. , he transfered me to the date/time change dept. I talked to Shaun. I told him I had another moving company that could move me the following Mon. and I had a Dr’s appt. on Thurs. I could not miss. He told me that even though it’s their busy time because I already paid the deposit and scheduled with them in May it would be no problem. I told him I had to move on Mon. June 16th. He said it wouldn’t be a problem but because of the computer he had to put a 4 day window. Mon-Thurs. I had to work all day Sat. but decided I better start driving because it’s a 14hr drive and I’d loose an hour. I stayed in a Motel ($85) and drove all day Sun. I had called this Kelvin again on Fri. June 13th and talked to Kirk on that day as well. I told him I’d rather not deal with Kelvin, but he said he was my moving coordinator. I NEVEER heard from him. Yesterday June 16th I called in the morning–same VM working 10-7. I called back a few times after 10am. He never picked up. I decided to call Kirk again. He told me that Kelvin was in that day. I’m sure glad I didn’t spend another day waiting around for that guy. Kirk transftered me to someone else. I sat on hold for 43min. and then I was hung up on. That happened 7 times yesterday. Supposedly they were having problems with their telephones. After one call to a Kenya, a woman that Kirk transfterd me to, she put me on hold to talk to the driver. After 45 min. she came back on an said the driver said he “might” be able to pick up my things on Thurs. What? I explain everything to her again. I asked her if I could have the drivers Number. She said OK, and placed me on hold again. After another 15 min she came back on and said she couldn’t reach him and wouldn’t give me his number. I emailed and called Kirk again. He said he would call me back when he got off the phone. I didn’t hear from him. I’m sure he was tired of dealing with me since he was the only one who attempted to help me. I was on the phone the entire day yesterday from 8:30 to 4:30 and got absolutely no where. | This morning Tues. June 17th I called the relocation division again (I couldn’t reach Kirk). I asked him if I could talk to a Manager–not a Supervisor. He said yes and put me on hold. I was on hold for 15min. and was hung up on again. I have called Kirk several times. He emailed me and said he would call me when he was off the phone. He asked me why I agreed to the 4 day window for pick up. I told him I didn’t. Shaun told me he had to put that because of the computer. It wouldn’t allow him to make a different change. He put me on hold again. He came back and said he ran into a manager Cisily and she would call me in 10 min. It’s now been 25. I will never use this company again and I will warn everyone I know. |

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