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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Ally Relocation,Inc. at on 03-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Ally Relocation,Inc.
  • Address: 21606 Devonshire Street
  • City: Los Angeles
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8184770561
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Ally Relocation,Inc. published at on 03-May-14 says, verbatim –

My son moved his belongings from Arkansas back home to California with Ally Relocation Inc. He had just graduated from Arkansas State and had to move fast because he had just been picked up by an AFL football team and did not have the time to drive all his belongings back to California before his first day to check in with his team. He actually contacted a broker and they were the ones to contract with Ally Relocation Inc. The movers did not show up on the day they where suppose to so we had to pay for our sons belongins to be stored until the movers did show up. Well a month later they finally did.On July 17,2013 our sons belongings finally arrived home but this was not before I was informed by the driver ( who I could barely understand because of his thick accent) that they would have to park the truck in Redding California and shuttle his belongnigs by U-haul to our location 2hrs away because we lived in the forest and they could not drive the semi on our roads. This was not true because our local highway is used all the time by semi’s. I had to pay an additional 400.00 for the cost of them renting the U-haul or I would not get his belongings. When they finally showed up at our door we only got half of his belongings! I had my son on the phone to tell me what should have been there because they did not have an inventory list of his belongings. It was at this time that we realized that not only was his TV,dresser,boots,Camo bag,and bed frame were missing, we were missing a box that contained all his football memorabelia that he had earned while playing 3 yrs at Arkansas State! I became physically ill at this point. The driver did not make any effort to give me any advise on what I was suppose to do next and was about to leave when I quess my tears and sobbing finally got to him and he gave a phone number to call to file a claim or talk to someone about my sons missing things. | Hence started my long conversations with Erik. I spoke to and emailed Erik tons but I thought it very funny that they where all by my doing, he never intiated any of the calls or emails. Then finally he called and left a message on my work phone that a wonam had called saying she had just opened a box that had a bunch of football awards and stuff in it and that he would call back to see what we wanted to do. Well for over a month I tried calling and emailing Erik but he would never return them. Finally he did pick up his phone and thats when he informed me he had misplaced the womans info. For the next month we played phone tag and the last time we spoke he said he could not find the womans info and anyway it would not be cost effective for them to pick up the box and bring it to me! Thats when I started to look into legal action against them. We are a hard working middle class family that really don’t have alot of money to go into legal fees so I thought I would try to do most of the leg work myself. Ha. Everytime I tried to sit down and deal with this I would end up with migranes and become so upset that I would have to put it down and try again later. Well I knew that I had 9 months to file a claim so I gave myself some time to regroup but now its not that my time ran out but come to find out that Ally Relocation Inc. filed bankrupy and are no longer in buissness. | Thats when I ran accross this web site. After reading the review from 1stqueen-Pacific Washington my heart jumped. First just to hear her story. And second I might have a box that belongs to her! During my talks with Erik I begged him to find the owners of the box we recieved that wasn’t ours, it was full of childrens toys and bed sheets. I told him some poor child is crying out there because all their toys ended at someone else’s house. And then thrid Erik had said that the woman that had called about our sons belongings was from a move to Washington. I know that there is nothing else I can do to make Ally Relocation compensate us for our lost items but if I could help someone else get there belongnings back I would atleast feel better about that! I am hoping that the woman that wrote the review on September 19th 2013 sees this and that there is some way to find out if the box I have is hers. |

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