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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Alpha & Omega Moving & Storage at on 14-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Alpha & Omega Moving & Storage
  • Address: 11144 Penrose St Ste 10
  • City: Los Angeles
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (888) 605-8820
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Alpha & Omega Moving & Storage published at on 14-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Quoted me for a move and then charged me almost triple | I received my first estimate from Dee Blake on August 7th. I later received a revised estimate on August 18th for a grand total of $4,019.79. The estimate states that it’s binding at the top (see attached). My final price for the move came to $10,321.68. I paid the initial deposit by credit card gave a check on the day of pick up and paid cash on the day of delivery. | Every time I spoke with Dee I asked her if I have more stuff then she estimated whether I would pay more. I was told that: | 1) On the day of the move the foreman for the job would come through the apartment and estimate the total charges and notify me of any changes in estimate prior to loading the truck | 2) The overage charges would be exactly the same as the current charge of $3.79 per cubic foot. Given that I had other companies come and do a visual inspection and provide an estimate to me (see example attached) I asked Dee if I should estimate 1200 cubic feet based on other companies assessments. She again reassured me that it won’t be a problem on the day of the move. | On September 6, 2014 the movers arrived and the foreman walked with me throughout the apartment. He notified me that he believes the 838 cubic feet was probably too little, but he believed that 1200 cubic feet would be sufficient. I told him I was ok with that and let the movers start packing and loading the truck. | At this point I left to run errands. I got a call from the foreman around 8PM that they were finished. When I came he told me that the truck was full and that they were now going to charge me for 1800 cubic feet and all the overages would be at $5.05 per cubic foot as stated in the contract. I told him I wasn’t okay with that and asked him to call the office. He said since it was already late the office was closed but he was certain they would be able to fix the issue once I called and asked me to sign the inventory list. I signed the inventory list and gave him a check for the amount of 6,400. | I called numerous times after that day to discuss with Dee and finally spoke to her before my delivery. She indicated that if I believe I was overcharged I should call their customer service. I did call the customer service number on 10/5/2014. I spoke to Andre and was told to file a formal complaint. | Additionally, as we are unpacking boxes, many boxes are coming half full further cementing my belief that the movers were trying to fill as much space as possible. | In addition to being overcharged the movers broke a glass door in the bathroom. Additionally they broke a 46 inch plasma TV, and many other items which I will not be claiming since the insurance of $0.60 per pound is not worth the effort for recovery. | Given everything above below is the breakdown of what I believe the moving company owes me. | 1) Overcharge for 600 cubic feet at 5.05 totals $3,030 | 2) Overcharge for 369 cubic feet of 1.29 (difference between 5.05 and 3.89) totals $428 | 3) Damaged shower door replacement $470+tax=$511.12 | 4) Damaged goods (see attachment) $112 | 5) Total claimed $4,081.12 | They came back with an offer to pay me $64

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