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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Alta Alameda Station at on 18-Aug-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Alta Alameda Station
  • Address: 275 S Cherokee St
  • City: Denver
  • State: Australia
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (303) 623-2500
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Alta Alameda Station published at on 18-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

You will be left feeling taken advantage of, lied to, and ripped off if you do business with Alta Alameda Station or anyone affiliated with their parent company, Wood Residential. | Totalitarian dictatorship describes Alta perfectly. Residents are treated like slaves who must submit to the will of their dictator overlords. Personal privacy is non existent – as in, it actually says in the lease that they can enter units at any time without giving reason or notice. Read every single word of the lease carefully and don’t think to yourself “it couldn’t possibly really be like this” – it is. Recently letters were posted to residents’ doors to remove personal belongings from balconies that the Alta overlords did not approve of, including such offensive items as bicycles and bird feeders. A couple of weeks later, notices were given for mandatory room inspections with no explanation. | Management is only friendly and helpful when you are an obedient and submissive slave. When you bring up anything they don’t want to hear, or mention the misrepresentation, their response has been to intimidate, dismiss, or flat out ignore. This is “the Alta way.” I’m honestly worried about retaliation from the management for speaking up, and reading the other yelp reviews I’ve found others who feel they were specifically targeted after calling out Alta. | Every problem here stems from the policies and greed of the parent company, Wood Residential. The staff at AAS can’t even be fully blamed because it must be a nightmare for them having to enforce such inconceivable nonsense from higher up. | It makes one wonder why the parent company would go out of their way to foster an environment that breeds unhappy and dissatisfied residents until you realize that the entire property is up for sale as soon as you move in. But they didn’t mention that before you signed the lease. This is the business model of Wood Residential, both here and at their other properties. Suddenly, everything starts to make sense as you realize with staggering regret how badly you were taken advantage of. | The big mystery is revealed: the ridiculous policies and rules are all geared toward creating a full and pristine property to show off to prospective buyers. This is why they will say anything to get the signature on the dotted line. Why would they care when the entire staff will likely be out of here after the building sells, and onto the next Wood property to repeat the process, sucking in a new group of unsuspecting victims? Their only concern seems to be leasing up the building as quickly as possible to drive up the rental and property value for more profit when it sells. I think I actually noticed little dollar signs dancing around in their eyes when I agreed to pre-lease. | A heinous and deceptive way of doing business, in my opinion. | I’ve been left with a feeling similar to signing one’s soul over to Lucifer for having to continually give money to this company. The only hope is that the new owners entirely change things. The property could easily be saved if they could put the greed aside and treat residents like human beings instead of walking sacks of cash. | I’d recommend avoiding not only Alta Alameda, but ANY property in Denver with Wood’s name on it, there are several. Avoid like the plague. | Currently one of my biggest mistakes in life is not listening to the droves of people leaving negative feedback before signing the lease. Don’t make that same mistake. | Similar opinions to those echoed above are all over Yelp and elsewhere. | | | I am linking to reviews of Alta Aspen Grove, another of Wood’s Denver area properties already sold in 2011. ALL OF THE EXACT SAME ISSUES were experienced by residents there, every single last one from the utter lies to the lack of privacy, meaning the management is WELL AWARE of how many people despise the way they do business and continues to operate in the same way. If this doesn’t convince you to avoid Wood Residential, nothing will. | | |

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