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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against A&M PROPERTIES, LLC at Scamity.com on 29-Nov-14.


Business Details –

  • Address: 835 North Salina Street
  • City: Syracuse
  • State: Chile
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 315-420-4720
  • Website: www.ampropertiesny.com/


Original Complaint against A&M PROPERTIES, LLC published at Scamity.com on 29-Nov-14 says, verbatim –

I have been in this house for over six years and it took me discussing my situation with Pete Rushford because there were times in past years of me waiting on my disability. Me recieving benefits mdoes’nt mean that I have to give not pay but give the people at A and M my little income. The woman Angela threatened me losing my section-8 when I was first approved because she wanted more money from me than whatn the judge allowed. I used to would’nt argue what I owe because I knew I was late. It was very confusing to read the billing statement from A and M but as I started paying attention I started calling them on the error and Pete would pay me but the last couple of years they have made errors and I called into the office and reported another error but they have ignored me. | I have not said anything because I have not had proper case management and I know when I complain they will retaliate like me have no heat after just getting a delivery on monday. The oil company did not let me know and when I called it was wednesday. Today I called my new case manager and she called A and M because they ignored my emergency call for the heat to be lit so my 5 & 1 year old wont be freezing but no one on wednesday and I called at 2:20pm but on Friday a guy came claiming he fixed the heat then asked if I pay for my own oil, I guess someone from the company is gonna still my oil again.. This is why I am doing this complaint because these people come to my home and tried to track mud and I told him to at least kick the snow off, If this was his home he would want the same. | I get rude phone calls from Christie threatening my section-8 and I have the recordings, Pete called private wanting me to take down the report I did on another site because my house was condemned and I was pregnant with my toddler and he had other properties I could have lived in but he refused to be a human and have a heart. I amd still is the same home and currently its not to code again because they delayed doing the repairs. I was sent a bill in from Angela at A and M and she wanted me to pay her because she thought I got taxes. If I ever get help or any lump sum I will move because they do not shovel and I’m disabled with a disabled child and my child has fell before and I called them to fix the front walk way before someone kills themselves going down the front steps. Chrstine at A and M wants me to submit forged documents to DSS and TA and I am not because if they want to go to jail for fraud they will do it on their own. I pray that this complaints helps someone and if anyone knows someone that needs a good tenant please let them know about me and my two girls.

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