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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AM Used Auto Parts, LLC at on 21-Jan-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: AM Used Auto Parts, LLC
  • Address: 3601 N 15th St
  • City: Tampa
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-866-548-2444
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AM Used Auto Parts, LLC published at on 21-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

So on January 2015 I needed to get an engine for my truck. I work as a handyman, so my truck is essential for work. Before contacting this company, I had previously tried to do business with another company, but had a disappointing experience. However, this one wins that race. | Having had this previous experience, I tried doing more in depth research on the companies I was looking to purchase from. I found this company, AM Auto Parts. The price for the engine was great, especially in the condition the engine was described to be. 41,000 miles for $1245.00. So, to get an even better idea of what they had to offer I decided to get them on the phone. | I spoke with a man about the engine, Jeremiah. He guaranteed me that the engine was in great and working condition. Sounded great. So I told him about the problem I recently had with the other company. The problem was I ordered the engine, the engine got here broken. I told him how much of a burden it was to have waited all those days after placing the order, just to get a broken engine. And then I had to wait another week or so, for them to refund my money. Jeremiah from AM Auto Parts, told me that they did not do services like that, that they offered better services and that if a refund was to be made, the refund would be immediate. | I wanted to be really sure that I was getting a good deal. So I asked him if he had the engine in his warehouse. He said yes. Then I asked him if he could send me photos of the engine, so I could see if there was any damage. He replied that at the moment he couldn’t, because he was alone in the office and did not have spare time. | The next day I called them to see if they could send me photos then. I spoke with another person, Brian, turns out to be a manager. He told me that at the moment Jeremiah was not there, that as soon as he got in, he would tell him to send me the photos. | Those photos never got to me. | I was a little dubious by now, but I needed to get an engine for my truck. I decided to continue. At the moment, I was not able to purchase the engine from them, because I was waiting for the refund to get back to my bank account from the other company. | As soon as I got my refund from the other company, I went to place the order with AM Auto Parts on Friday, January 8. I waited for the engine to get here. Wanting to know everything was going smooth, I called them a couple of times the following week, asking for updates or a tracking number. I kept getting excuses. | Thursday, January 15, I call again in the morning to see if there were updates. I spoke again with Jeremiah; he reassured me that everything was fine. I asked him if there was a tracking number or something to keep track of the package, he said that they didn’t have that information yet. He said that by the end of the day they will that information and they will send it to me. 4:45 pm, nothing. So I decide to call them again, and asked for that info. They had me waiting over 15 minutes to get this information. Once he gave it to me, I asked him how long ago had the engine departed, he literally said “1 minute ago.” Now this company is in Florida, I am in New York, so I figured, next week it should be here. | Friday, January 16, I get a call from my mechanic as I’m working; he tells me that the engine is here. I was obviously surprised. How the did the engine get here overnight from Florida? In addition, my mechanic tells me that there’s a problem. The engine was broken. | Immediately I get on the phone with AM Auto Parts. Brian picks up. I tell him the engine is here, but it is broken. He asked me what was broken. My mechanic told me the intake was broken from side to side, but the way it was broken, the metal pieces missing could easily have gotten inside of the engine. Brian tells me that the warranty does not cover that part of the engine. So I asked him if he could replace the engine, he said he can’t. So I asked him for a refund then, he replied with “If you want a refund, you’re only getting 80% of what you paid.” | I told him that was ridiculous. The engine never even got taken off the delivery truck. Had my mechanic broken it when taking it off the delivery truck, or when trying to install it in my car, I would understand having a fee. But the engine was sent like that. Anyone could see that the damage made was previous to the delivery being made. | I got them on the phone later that day to speak with Jeremiah, told him the problems going on, and explained the ridiculous predicament I was told I am in. He kept repeating Brian’s words. After about 5 minutes of talking, I asked him “Hey, all those times I called you, did I ask you if you could sell me a broken engine?” He responded “You know what, those are the only two options you have, return the engine for 80% of what you paid, or the engine gets back to us and we check the engine, and you pay another fee to have it sent back to you. I’m gonna get off the phone, think about it, and call me when you made your decision.” Then proceeds to hang up on me. | Later that day, I found out the engine was being shipped from Virginia or Maryland. Which explains the miraculous 1-day shipment. | Frustrated I decided to forget about it all I did not want to do business with liars. First they told me they had the engine in THEIR warehouse. They also said that if there was a problem, they would replace the engine or give me a full refund. Then they said the engine was in working condition, which my mechanic refuted. | I call them again; I tell them to just get this over with, to give me my partial refund. They tell me “You have to wait until the engine gets back to us, then you get your refund back.” | These people are ridiculous. The way they deviously work and lie to you, just to get your money is amazing. It took them seconds to take the money from my bank account after I clicked “place the order’ but now I have to wait days for them to give me 80% of my money back. | If anyone is planning on buying from these people, I would seriously advice against it. |

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