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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amanda Kilgore at on 27-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Amanda Kilgore
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State: Alabama
  • Country: United States
  • Phone:
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Original Complaint against Amanda Kilgore published at on 27-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Amanda Kilgore has been an employee at our call center company for a number of years. When she started out working for us, she was very industrious and respectful. She never gave us any reason to doubt her ability and conduct. We decided to reward her hard work by promoting her to be a manager in her department. As soon as she finished her managerial training, we assigned her a team that she would be supervising. Until that point, she had been a model employee and had done everything as we had expected of her. However, she started showing her true colours after some time when she changed her behaviour for the worst. I cannot disclose what she did exactly that failed to meet our expectations of her, what I can say is that we decided to be lenient with her by demoting her instead of dismissing her. That is a decision that we have come to regret because, instead of changing her conduct for the better as we had hoped, she became worse.We had expected Amanda Kilgore to be grateful that we gave her another chance to right her wrongs, but to our chagrin, she begun badmouthing our company to our new employees. The rumours she was spreading pushed most of our new employees to resigning and quitting their jobs. As a result, we lost some of the most talented staffs we ever had even before we could establish a working relationship with them. You will agree with me that hiring new employees is a painstaking and capital intensive activity that every business strives to get right the first time. We had invested a lot of time and resources in hiring and training the staffs. Thus, we had planned to work with our new employees for the long haul only to watch them leave a few months later. To make matters worse, when we confronted her she was quite unapologetic and blatantly rude. Amanda Kilgore replied that she had a right to say anything that she wanted. | When we finished questioning her about the issue, she unceremoniously quit her work. To our amazement, she continued contacting our employees and inciting them to leave their jobs. Thus, we lost more staffs even after she had stopped working for us, due to her nasty behaviour. We had thought that we will not suffer from her evil antics once she ceased being one of our staffs, but we realized that there is no boundary to her malice. If you are considering hiring her, I advise you to stop in your tracks; AMANDA KILGORE is a walking disaster!!! And I can say that without a shred of doubt. Do not waste your time listening to her sweet talking tongue. Additionally, do not entertain false hopes that she could have changed her ways and will behave better as your employees. I tried having that approach, and it did not work, so I would not advise anyone to do the same. If you want your company to continue thriving and retain your best employees, you should treat Amanda Kilgore as bad news.

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