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Business Details –

  • Name: Amber Ritchie
  • Address: Ruland Road
  • City: Kearneysville
  • State: WV
  • Phone: (304) 725-7100
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 314 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely Low


Original Complaint against Amber Ritchie published at says, verbatim –


Recently, I purchased a car on loan. I made sure to get all the documents at place and contacted Amber Ritchie, the Allstate insurance Agent to check the car insurance options. She proposed a great deal and told me that they covered most of the parts of the cars and their service was fast enough. She also informed me that they cover accident damage for the driver as well as the co-passenger.I paid her the complete amount for 1 years and she told that she would be making discount for the next year as I paid at once. I was satisfied with the deal and thought had made the wisest decision. So, it was not until my car met with an accident when I discovered about her lies. I am sure if that wouldn’t have happened, I would still be in dark.The accident happened when I was driving and a truck broke the signal and bumped into the side door. Although, the speed was not much, still there were considerate damages. It was recorded as well as there were CCTV at the signal. So, I thought it would be easier for me to claim the insurance.I contacted her with all the details. For few days, she ignored my questions and asked me to wait. She told me she was busy with some meeting and was away from the city. I did as she said. When I lost my patience, I thought of directly reaching her office. When I reached, she was in her cabin.So, I asked for a meeting with her. I was informed that she had important calls to attend and will have to come another day. They also asked me to take appointment before reaching there, otherwise she won’t entertain.I did as I was told. I met her the next day in her office and she handed me a paper which had my signature. She told me that I was eligible for 10% of the damage amount as per the clauses. When I asked about the parts that she told was included, she denied.She said that was after 6 months after the car bought date. I was surprised to hear that and said she did not mention that before. She said that she thought it was not important.I was stuck with the policy and when I consulted few others, they had one or the other experience that told her hidden story. She is a cheater and knows how to fool people into her fake promises. I would never deal with her again and advice everyone not to fall prey into her luring deals. It is just an advertisement stunt and nothing more than that.


Amber Ritchie

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