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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AmberOptions at on 12-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: AmberOptions
  • Address: 1A Arcade House, Temple Fortune
  • City: London
  • State: England
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Phone: 44-203-734-7831
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AmberOptions published at on 12-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

To all who chose to invest in amber options. | On monday 11/08/2014 i was directed to through a spam website 2014 millionaire. Upon seeing the website amber options i was interested in binary options trading. | I made an initial investment of 200 usd to have a go at online currency trading. I was instantly contacted by mobile phone by a mr magic thomas, who began to tell me that i needed to invest more money to reap the rewards from the auto trading software. After having him convince me, and offering a guarantee that the software would operate at a sucsess rate of 70%, or he would refund my money, he took another 2000 usd from my credit card. | Instantly he started asking for more money. | He told me that to get the full benefiet of the software i needed to invest another 2000usd. I explained that this amount was too much and he told me he could tweak the software to operate at half pace, only placing 10, $25 trades per day, while still offering a guaranteied %70 success rate or a full refund of my deposit. | This was obviously an inviting prospect as i had the impression that i could not loose. | Later that evening i had a change of heart, and before the auto trading could begin, i sent an email to magic, asking him to not allow the auto trader to be activated. | This request was ignored, and the “auto trader” began loosing money, with a success rate of less than 30%. These trades were placed at random intervals and it has become apparent that these were most likely manually placed trades by some one without my consent. | After one week i was contacted by magic who tried to convince me to invest more money, even though i told him i was sceptical about the auto trader. | I told him i wold give it one more week to prove itself before i invest more money. | As i expeted over the next week the auto tradeer lost more money and i tried to contact magic with my concerns. | More than one week passed and magic called me again asking to invest more money. | I showed my dissapointment to the auto trading system and asked him to honour his word for a full refund as per the guarantee i was given by him. | Well… This started an arguement resulting in him hanging up the phone in my ear after i told him that i was requesting a full refund as per his verbal promise. | I found that later trades placed by the auto trader were paced within 1 second of each other. All previous trades were placed sporatically and often on contradicting circumstances, which now leads me to believe that they had been placed by magic himself and not the auto trader as claimed. | I have tried to contact matthew parker, customer relations manager at amber options, to no avail. I have left messages by phone and also sent direct emails to him and have had no response at all. | When i last spoke to my account manager, magic thomas, i pleaded with him to stop the auto trader. He asked me to say the magic word please… | I then asked him to please stop the auto trader, and he sent me an email to say that the auto trader had been stopped. | I thought this would stop the unauthorised trading | Wrong i was… | The auto trader continued to tade without my consent, but now trades were being placed at double the investment rate, thus losing twice as much money. | After a couple of days of this i called the customer support team and the lady was helpfull with stopping the auto trading and stressed that there was not a problem with the company, but with my dishonest account manager. | I dont care where the problem lies, i just want a full refund i the 2000usd i was conned into investing with amber options by magic thomas. | He was dishonest and misleading with his “sales pitch’ and promised things that he was unable to deliver. | At the least i hope to warn the public about this dishonest company and maybe help save people from losing their money. | Unfortunately, by the time they read about my experience. | Lets see where we go from here. | I will be contacting my bank to see if they can help retrieve my momey as part of their fraudulant company policy. | Who knows what will be the outcome but there is also the accc who are ther to help.

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