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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amcol International at on 06-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Amcol International
  • Address: 2870 Forbs Avenue
  • City: Hoffman Estates
  • State: Benin
  • Country: United States
  • Phone:
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Amcol International published at on 06-May-14 says, verbatim –

Amcol International, Port Townsend Paper ,Port Townsend Holdings Company is poisoning the air and water of Port Townsend Washington. | Amcol is poisoning the air, water and soil of Port Townsend Washington. | “”PT Air Watchers v. State | Citation: 44 ELR 20039 | No. 88208-8, (Wash., 02/27/2014) | “”The Washington Supreme Court upheld the state environmental agency’s determination that an EIS was not necessary for a proposed biomass cogeneration project at a kraft pulp and paper mill. | An environmental group argued that by not preparing an EIS, the agency failed to adequately consider the effects of carbon dioxide emissions and demand for woody biomass from the state’s forests. But the agency correctly concluded that greenhouse gas emissions from the project would not have significant environmental impacts. | The agency properly considered the legislative policy behind Rev. Wash. Code §70.235.020(3), which demonstrates the legislature’s preference for the burning of woody biomass over the burning of other fuels. In addition, the agency’s determination of no significance contained sufficient information to weigh the environmental impacts of the project. | The agency also correctly concluded that the project would not result in adverse impacts to forest resources. And because the project is an energy recovery facility that has been burning solid waste since before January 1, 1989, the agency correctly concluded that an EIS is not required under Rev. Wash. Code §70.95.700.”” | | Paper mill air pollution standards 25 years out of date, environmental groups sue EPA”” ~ the EPA is NOT above the Law. If the EPA Ignores You, File Criminal Charges. Make a STAND. | “”Three advocacy groups sued the Environmental Protection Agency last week over concerns that regulations for paper mills emissions are 25 years out of date. | Greenpeace, the Center for Biological Diversity and Port Townsend AirWatchers filed suit on Dec. 6 under a clause of the Clean Air Act that allows citizens to hold the EPA accountable for carrying out the provisions of the act. | The EPA last reviewed the New Source Performance Standards for kraft pulp mills in 1986. The mills use a chemical process to turn wood chips into pulp to make paper. The standards, by law, are supposed to be reviewed every eight years. |

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