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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Amendment Arms, Inc. at on 23-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Amendment Arms, Inc.
  • Address: 37 Loop Rd,
  • City: Arden
  • State: China
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (828) 676-0225
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Amendment Arms, Inc. published at on 23-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

On Jan 6, 2013 I paid cash for a personal protection weapon. The company was Amendment Arms. They was marketing a new Hybird asault weapon called the Joshua Mk5. When I paid $1056.10 cash for this weapon I was told by Tom Wise that it would be ready in 90 days. Even signed a contract to that effect. Seeing how I was one of the first 200 people to pay upfront for this weapon they offered a rebate of $200. Which Tom now said I’m not due. | 90 days came and went. Six months rolled around and No weapon. Nine months came and went. A year rolled by and still no weapon. After 18 months I finally received an email that my new Hybird was ready for pick up. I was excited. Been waiting 18 months and watching the hype on Amendment Arms web site about their progress. They showed pictures of their product and really built it up. | I went to the factory on July 18 at 6:00 pm as instructed to pick up my new weapon. The designer was hard at work on my weapon. I watched and waited as he worked hard to make all the parts fit together. Finally after an hour he put his face mask on and hearing protection on and moves to the range for the test fire. He fired several rounds and brought the weapon to me. | I’m still excited. Christmas has arrived in July. I hurry home and on the way home my phone rings and it’s Tom Wise telling me that the firing pin was hitting the primer hard on my weapon. He said if I had any issues with it to bring it back to them. He never said not to shoot it or it was dangerous. | I got home and hurried outside to shoot my new personal defense weapon. Earplugs in place I pull off a round and it fires and jams. I cleared the jam and pull the trigger two more times and it jams again. I try the magazine they provided with the weapon the next day and it wouldn’t even chamber a round. | On Sat morning I’m with some buddies to show off my long awaited weapon when we decide to see how it shoots. I put the mag into the weapon pull the trigger and again it jams. I cleared it and pulled two more off and the bolt jammed shut. No opening it by hand. I was asked by my friends to put my weapon away. I was very embarassed. It was my range we were on. | I sent Tom an e-mail letting him know what has gone on and he said to bring it in and they will fix it. After taking a hard look at the gun. Amendment Arms had put my weapon together using “USED” parts. Not new parts but used parts. | I took the weapon back to Amendment Arms on Monday July 21. I met with Ryan Croft CEO and designer. Ryan took a hammer and hit the bolt to get it open. I presented to Ryan a letter requesting my Cash payment of $1056.10 back. He never read it or picked it up. He was very professional and very apologetic and I left. | Today, Tuesday, July 22nd, I sent Tom Wise an email to find out when they would be returning my purchase price and he informed me that there was No way I was going to get my money back. They didn’t offer a Satisfaction Guarantee only a warranty against parts and workmanship. | I don’t want a personal protection weapon that fails to function on the first shot. I want my full refund back. I would never deal with Tom Wise ever again. Mine was only the third weapon they delivered. I feel sorry for all the other God fearing Gun bearing Americans that are waiting for their Joshua Mk5. | All they had to do was refund my money and I would have gone away. But NO! First Amendment “Freedom of Speach” I’m very upset and all of America needs to know what happened!

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