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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against America Choice RV at on 31-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: America Choice RV
  • Address: 3040 NW Gainesville Rd
  • City: Ocala
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (352) 368-2451
  • Website:


Original Complaint against America Choice RV published at on 31-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Apparently America Choice Rv hires individuals that either has no training on Motorhomes or their services are set up to rip you off . I believe it is the latter. My story starts by taking my Motorhome there for several reasons : | #1 to replace the topper awning that covers the slide out. Had a price from the parts division and after the job was completed I was told there was an additional fee for shipping to get the parts deliverd to there business. Ok another $25 .was not going to break me but that was just the beginning. And I did not like the fac t they wanted paid for the parts before they would order it,and again okay not a big thing just the fact that they insisted on this when they had my $125,000 coach in their custody. I have work done over the years on several past coaches and this is the first time a company requested payment up front. But add another problem here I was told by the Service manager the labor was $250 for installation but he had not figured the actual time so they wanted $450 ,but to their defense here they settled on $300. which I accepted to pay | #2 To repair our large awning that was not moving when turned on. I was told the motor was burnt out and the replacement cost was $920 plus tax. I questioned this for it had been working several weeks prior but then one day there was no sound when you clicked the button that engages this awning. They sais yes there people know what there doing for they have the right tools to determine the problem. I told them to not go any further because I called the manufacturer of this awning and the retail price on that motor was $347. Several other places in Ocala was about the same price labor and part at $470-$520. Now I take our Rv to another garage and they check this out and ask who told you the motor was burnt out, because the motor is fine but a module was defective at a total cost of $240 including labor. Wow what a difference it was should I selected A.C. to do that work ? Labor to check this was $115. | #3 Since I have a diesel coach my read-out was saying battery voltage low, their answer was the coach batteries had bad cells . Now I an no mechanic but what did the coach batteries have to do with the engine read out and their answer was something asbout being all connected together. They wanted over $500 to replace two batteries. Since I had replaced these myself I sais I would get the new batteries myself since I thought there was a three year warranty and if they would install them, which they did at $100 labor cost. Since I had to pay for the total cost of the batteries up front and was hoping a discount off the two year old batteries well I was wrong here for the batteries had only one year full replacement . Here is wear the mud flies in the eye when Advanced auto says there is no dead cells in these batteries. | Now here is the part where you know you feel you are getting ripped of my read -out started again 10 miles down the road of leaving their facility and when I toll it to another repair shop their findings was the altenator was shorting out and not charging all the time . That was replaced and that took care of the problem which had nothing to do with the batteries! | Here it is in a nutshell had I allowed them to do the work that they said was defective and they would have replaced those items and then they would have said oh these other items need replaced and they caused them to go bad. | Hopefully others that read this stay away from this service center unless you want ripped off

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