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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Auto Transport at on 28-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Auto Transport
  • Address: 4301 South Flamingo Road, Suites 106-122
  • City: Davie
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 866-327-7863
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Auto Transport published at on 28-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

In deciding to transport my 1991 Dodge Stealth from Colorado to Ohio I have been getting a deluge of emails from American Auto Transport sales staff. Paul, Chris, Angela, Victor, Keith, Jennifer, Matt & Sebastian all have sent me multiple emails each. | I have shipped 5 cars cross country in the past 10 years, so I am not a complete neophyte as far as transporting vehicles (not an expert admittedly either). | In my initial contact I was requesting a quote from Snowmass Village, Colorado, 81615 to Brunswick, Ohio, 44212. | The first quote returned was from Sebastian for $9 for transport from Snowmass Village, Colorado, 81615 to Brunswick, Ohio, 44212. Yes $9, obviously a mistake. He sent a follow up email with a corrected quote for $675. | That was followed up with emails from Matt and Victor with no location or prices mentioned. Later that day Sebastian sent a third email with the same $675 price but changed the pickup location to Denver for some reason. I have overall received over 25 emails from American Auto Transport. | In talking to other dispatchers I have come to understand that Snowmass Village is out of the way with narrow roads transport drivers avoid so I changed the pickup location to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, 81601 to save costs and emailed the information to multiple email addresses at American Auto Transport. | In return I received a quote from Chris with my re-route request reprinted at the bottom where he said: “I CAN WORK WITH YOU AT THE RATE OF $700 FOR YOU REQUIRED TIME FRAME, WITH THE INFO YOU SENT ME I CAN SET UP YOUR FREE RESERVATION, CALL ME TO DISCUSS FURTHER DETAILS ON HOW TO E-SIGN THE CONTRACT.” | Since I have been talking to other dispatch companies and a driver who has access to Central Dispatch I have come to understand that I70 is not an overly popular route and the few cars that are on Central Dispatch are not moving. | In trying to get some semblance of order from the communications from American Auto Transport I called the toll free number and got Paul. When I asked for a supervisor or manager Paul said he was not available and asked me what I wanted. I explained how because of the light traffic on I70 that had been communicated to me by other dispatchers and a driver, I wanted to deal with a transporter who owned their own trucks so I would not be subject to the fickle Central Dispatch. He assured me American Auto Transport was a carrier even though I did not see that they were listed as so on Transport Reviews. He quoted me a price of $850. After I told him I was talking to other transporters (I hadn’t looked at my past emails yet so I did not realize that American Auto Transporter had quoted me a much lower price) and was looking to hit the $700 mark. He said he would check the schedule to see if any more discount could be applied. | I returned to my computer and went through all the emails from American Auto Transport and discovered the huge discrepancy in price. I called back to the direct number for Chris to see if the information I got from Chris would be any different from what Paul told me. As soon as I identified myself and he pulled up my records he said “I will transfer you to the dispatcher in that area.” And transferred me before I could even ask him anything. I was transferred to Paul who I told that I had the impression that my file had been tagged from my last conversation with him to be transferred directly to him. He answered saying, no that it was SOP to transfer the caller to the dispatcher, though to be honest it seems strange that every inquiry coming in would be immediately transferred to the dispatcher before any order had been placed. If this were SOP why have commissioned sales people at all when a receptionist could easily route the calls to the dispatcher. I informed Paul of the lower price I had been quoted. He insisted that ALL quotes were for a Denver pickup and that after our first call he had changed it in the computer. I asked him if American Auto Transport would honor the price quoted by Chris on the 21st. Paul emphatically said no since the quote was from Denver. I said the email was quite clear and it was from Glenwood Springs but he insisted there was no way that could be so. I told him it was pretty cut and dry but he refused to accept it even after I told him I would forward him the email. I did forwarded him 3 emails, the $700 from Glenwood Springs from Chris as well as the $675 quote for Snowmass Village (and the $9 one) from Sebastian. | At this point as a customer, it honestly looks like a lowball price is SOP to get people to call in to be talked into a higher price. Not what the reviews I read on Transport Reviews led me to expect from American Auto Transport. About 7 hours later Paul called me back and even after receiving the emails American Auto Transport refused to honor the quoted price. I asked him if he felt obligated to honor the commitment made by American Auto Transport. He replied that the agents had only been working for American Auto Transport for 7 years and he had talked to them but would not budge from his $850 price and I would not be able to move my vehicle for less. When I mentioned that I would leave reviews about the bait and switch and he realized he was not going to get my business his attitude changed and said the would continue to ship lots of vehicles regardless. | Overall this has been a very unprofessional company. | At the time of this writing. I have yet to select a transport company.

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