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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Car Center at on 02-Jan-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Car Center
  • Address: 6400 Winchester Rd
  • City: Memphis
  • State: Czech Republic
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 901-433-8330
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Car Center published at on 02-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

Where Do I Start?…. I, like most others, saw the catchy ad on tv so i decide to stop by and just ask some questions. Everything they tell me sounds legit.. So, I gather my husband and we go look at a car I picked for myself. We ask the salesman how much and he tells us and I say ok and we asked the monthly payment and he says 230$ every 2 weeks and then he says we only finance for 36 months thats why its so much. Im excited now, I can have a newer model car and have it paid for in 3 yrs. I sign the papers and the finance guy says, ?”if your ever going to be late on a payment call your rep they will work with you. We wanna help you build credit not hurt you.” YEAH RIGHT! | The nightmare begins and when I really started to wonder what I had gotten myself into was when I tried to get insurance thru someone other than the company my sales guy called for me. I take my title into the insurance company I had my second car insured at and they say ”we can’t insure vehicles from there.” so, I call the previous agent I had used and they tell me the same thing as the other. By this point im worried, angry, and shocked all at the same time. I decide if anyone can insure me it will be State Farm. I go into a State Farm office hand the agent my title and say, ”can u insure me?” he looks at my title and said let me call someone that has been here for 32 years. I wait for him to call and come back with his answer. He tells me that they can’t insure me either! He says he has never seen this before and bc they have their name and mine on the owners line that if I was to pay that car up until the last few payments of my lease and total that car, American Financial gets the check. | They rufuse to help you if for any reason you are going to be a few days late and they refuse to take partial payments, checks or cash. The staff is rude as hell when u call begining with whoever answers the phone to representitive I was assigned. | I paid my payment on a Saturday as schedualed and on Tuesday the rep I was assigned called me wanting to know why I haven’t made my payment. when I told them that I had he wanted me to tell him when, where, who I paid and where they put the money! This has happened again recently but the idiot called my employer and everyone on my reference sheet. Everyone but myself, I am the person paying the shit not my references. | I recently decided I would try to trade my car in just to get away from all the great deals and service I had gotten from American financial/American Car Center. The sales rep at the first place I went to couldn’t get a payoff on my car. I went somewhere else the next day and for about an hour they called four times and left two voicemails and nobody called back. I was about to give up so did nothing the next day. I thought I cant be stuck with this company so I get up and I call to get my payoff. It was 3p.m. and they tell everyone is at lunch call back in 30 minutes. I call and get my rep on the phone then 45 minutes of waiting on the phone for a payoff I get diconnected. I call straight back twice with no answer then 2 more times they pick up and just hang the phone back up. Finally, after about 4 more tries I get my rep back on the phone. I have a receipt that was printed from the computer at American Financial on the date of 12/06/2014 that I have a remaining balance of $17k on my account. My rep told me that my payoff is $23k. I have paid $620 since I received that receipt so how do I owe $6000 more than what is printed on that receipt? I ask what the rent charge is that im paying and my rep says its just the taxes on the car. I understand what the internet is and how to Google the definition of a rent charge and it is definently not taxes. | I dont know much about the financing part of things or how all the fine print works but I know something is not right with this and I am going to talk to a lawyer so I can better understand what I am facing. Anyone that is even planning on buying anything from this place just be prepared for what you are getting. I wish I had known and done more research about them before I signed those papers.

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