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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Cash Awards Company at on 07-Jan-15.


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  • Name: American Cash Awards Company
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  • Country: United States
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Original Complaint against American Cash Awards Company published at on 07-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

I was just contacted by “James Cooper” of “American Cash Awards Company” by telephone. First of all, the number shows as “private” – not a good sign. | “Mr. Cooper” (obviously not his real name) has an Indian accent. In the background, I could hear a rooster crowing. | Mr. Cooper informed me that I had won $850,000, and that I was the first place winner for this month. Supposedly, my entry (using my telephone number, apparently) was due to my “shopping on-time” and paying my bills on-time. He told me that I would receive this by UPS today – how I would receive this the same day I was contacted is beyond me. | Mr. Cooper is very adamant about me copying down information, and made me read it back to him, repeatedly. | The scam: he wanted me to proceed to the nearest CVS and buy a “greenbacked insurance release form”, essentially a pre-paid credit card, it seems, for $500. He wanted me to remain on the line while I went to CVS to purchase it, and to let him known when I had received it. | The mistake: besides the fact that the entire concept is nigh-impossible, he got his own alias wrong twice. | If I find out how he got my number (other than a random dialer), the company responsible is going to have a very bad day. |

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