American Comfort's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Comfort's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning at on 17-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Comfort's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Address: 945 Tonne Road
  • City: Elk Grove Village
  • State: Benin
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8474398585
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Comfort's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning published at on 17-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

On March 2, 2007, this company installed a Goodman Gas (forced air) Furnace in our home. Our reliable and trusty 1989 Trane furnace finally quit running. It was a great furnace, however, the service technicians at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning stated they could no longer find replacement parts for it. The sales person, Bill Weiss, showed me several models including Trane and a company called Goodman. I had never heard of a Goodman furnace and Mr. Weiss indicated that the Goodman Furnace Company has been around a long time and it was a good quality product. I trusted and relied upon the word of Mr. Weiss and paid him for the new 70,000 BTU Goodman furnace and paid him $1,956.00. | Not even one year had passed when in the middle of the night, the Goodman furnace began to short-cycle and not function. If you live in the Midwest are of the United States, you know full well that in February you need to have the heat on in your home. The less-than one year old Goodman furnace broke down, no heat. | For the past six years (2008 – 2014) we have had nothing but trouble with the Goodman furnace. We’ve had a parade of service technicians, senior technicians, ultra technicians in and out of our house for countless and numerous repairs to the Goodman furnace. In 2010 the inducer motor had to be replaced, the control board has been replaced twice, the flame sensor has been replaced three times, the pressure limit switch one time, the limit switch twice, the gas valve one time, the blower limit switch one time. Also the Goodman furnace model we purchased from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning has an engineering defect in the design. Why in the world Goodman would design a down flow furnace with a hot exchange pipe located next to the main control board is a great mystery. Knowing all of this, why would American Comfort’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning install something like this in a residence? We paid a lot of money for a substandard, poorly made product and yet this company will not own up to that fact. Very, very shady, dishonest and deceptive business practices. | In early January of 2014, the entire Northern and Midwest Regions including the Great Lakes areas of the United States experienced a severe weather event called a Polar Vortex. On Friday, January 3, 2014 the Goodman furnace stopped running. I placed a call to One Hour Heating & Air at approximately 7:15 p.m. The call was taken by the answering service for One Hour Heating and Air. The woman kept asking me if I was a member of the “”Comfort Club””. What is the Comfort Club? A discount service/maintenance contract sold to customers whom pay anywhere between $10.00 to $30.00 per month for “”priority service””. If you are a member of this scam service/maintenance “”club”” if you need service (even after hours) you would be moved to the front of the service line. I kept telling the woman from the answering service, I am a long time customer, our furnace quit running, we had no heat in our home and this was an emergency. No call was ever returned and we ended up relying upon two space heaters with outside temperatures at -25 below zero. The next day, we received a call from One Hour Heating and Air, a girl by the name of Rose. I indicated to her that I called on Friday evening and we waited up until 10:30 p.m. and never heard from anyone. Rose then indicated “”your call was texted to a service tech and your property was given to the service tech as “”commercial property””. Rose then told me “”I’m going bring this to the attention of upper management about the answering service””. I further reminded Rose the lady I spoke with at their answering service repeatedly aske me if I was a member of their Comfort Club. | After the blower limit switch was replaced by One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, five hours later, the Goodman furnace began to short-cycle and then stopped running, in sub-zero outside temperatures. We made another emergency call to One Hour Heating and Air. A service tech arrived and told us we needed another Control Board. Three days passed without hearing anything from One Hour Heating and Air. We were then very tired of living in a cold house with only two space heaters trying to heat our home, we contacted a local heating and air contractor to replace the defective, inferior, cheap, poorly made Goodman furnace. This contractor couldn’t do enough for us. He had a sales person come to our home, showed us several Lennox furnace models and we choose a mid-grade gas forced air furnace. The 70,000 BTU down flow gas furnace was installed the very next day, and for a total price of $1,875.00. Much less than what One Hour Heating and Air charged us in February of 2007 for the substandard Goodman furnace. | We wrote to the Goodman Furnance Company in Houston, TX to voice our concerns and displeasure over their products they manufacture, sell to HVAC contractors, whom install this junk in people’s homes. Do not ever purchase a Goodman or Amana furnance or central air conditioner. You will pay a lot of money and get nothing but trouble and be out a lot of money. Stay far away from American Comfort’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. Very dishonest people and if your furnace breaks down, they blame the homeowner for the problem.

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