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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Credit Acceptance, LLC at on 11-Aug-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Credit Acceptance, LLC
  • Address: 961 E Main St Fl 2
  • City: Spartanburg
  • State: South Carolina
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (864) 504-3700
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Credit Acceptance, LLC published at on 11-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

I recently received a call from American Credit Assistance aka “ACA” stating that they would be able to assist me in lowering the interest rate on my rather substantial credit card debt. The first person that I talked to was Frank, representative 1177, who seemed to know quite a bite about my credit history, so he sounded very legitimate. His “Visa Qualifications” interested rate reduction speech was very convincing, as a result, I ended up giving him my credit card numbers and 3 digit security ID on the back as well. One slick thing that he also did was ask me to verfiy the 800 customer service number on the back, which gives them the openning to calling your bank. | Next I talked to Sally the Supervisor (rep #00214), who went into great detail describing the program to me. The alleged program would reduce my credit card rates from 8-13% interest down to between 0-2%, allowing me to pay off my cards in 1/4 or more the time. The agreement was that one of my cards would be charged $X,000, which would be covered by the amount of interest payments saved. They stated that if my rates were not reduced by these amounts within 60 days, I would receive a refund, to which I agreed. | I was then transferred to Samantha, who then proceeded to placed on the phone calls to the customer service departments at the various banks. She was unsuccess in getting any of the lenders to reduced my rates, but assured me that she would continue to work on my behalf until they achieved the rate reduction that they initially guaranteed. | While on the phone with Ann, things got fishy when I received an invoice for $X,000 on a UDA Secure Service form for me to sign by electronic signature and fax back to them. This was to approve payment for the debt reductions services that they were to provide. I don’t have access to a fax, so I ask if I could sign the document and return it via email, to which they agreed. When they provided me with a gmail account, the warning lights really began to flash. I looked closely at the document and it stated on the side that there were not refunds allowed. | While talking, I attempted to look them up on the internet with no success. I was told the website was down. I asked why the gmail account – they said it was more secure. I asked for copies of the terms to which I was agreeing before I signed the document. They promised the written agreement but never produced it. With each question, I was transferred to some higher and higher level supervisor, beginning with Ms. Klein, who got very irrate in her tone and ending with some guy named Allen who I got into a shouting match with after he stated I was being charged the amount whether I liked it or not because I had been recorded verbally agreeing to the terms. I told him to do whatever he thought needed to be done, hung up and immediately called all of the credit card companies to cancel the existing account numbers as well as change my security codes for all. A short while later, I received another call from the Alan guy informing my that my file was being sent to legal who would take up their actions against me with the credit bureau. I wished him good luck. | In conclusion, I may have be caught in a vulerable moment, but none the less, these folks are very well rehearsed, highly believable and are no novices at this. Sally and Samantha were very friendly and compassionate, easy with creating a connection. When I refused to sign, the Klein lady and Allen really began to show their true colors with their harsh language (which didn’t help with me throwing it right back at them). So BEWARE!!!! These folks are slick!!!

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