American Debt Counseling Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Debt Counseling at on 30-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Debt Counseling
  • Address: 310 44th Street SW
  • City: Grand Rapids
  • State: Bulgaria
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (877) 243-3280
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Debt Counseling published at on 30-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

I am an ex-employee of this company and have watched them scam people out of their hard earned money to do settlements and they don’t even bother to contact the creditors or give them any help at all. They do not call the clients back when they call and these people are left to handle everything themselves. He charges huge set up fees and even bigger monthly fees to keep someones money in his trust account. I do believe that he uses that trust account for his own gain. He is an alcoholic and starts drinking Crown Royal at 9am and continues until he rolls into his car and drives home. Yes, he actually drives after drinking all day. I don’t believe that someone like him has the ability or even is thinking clear enough to handle someone else’s money. At this point, he has ruined the credit of so many people, that it is unbelievable and anyone who has been ripped off by him should contact their Attorney General and lodge complaints against him and shut him and American Debt Counseling down. | ex-employee | Coral Springs, Florida | U.S.A.

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