American Dream Home Improvement, Inc. Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Dream Home Improvement, Inc. at on 30-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Dream Home Improvement, Inc.
  • Address: 3040 Finley Rd #200
  • City: Downers Grove
  • State: Illinois
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-630-353-1900
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Dream Home Improvement, Inc. published at on 30-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

PURPOSE: warn other victims that may become lured in (beware): | American Dream Home Improvement, highlyprofitable:WHY+HOW? | Scam employees, scam Homeowner, scam Adjustors, scam Insurance co’s | Fast expansion is true. Why? Because: | 1. all employees not staying 80 hrs (receive no pay) | 2. departing long term employees, no pay for claims in process not yet paid | 3. payments made are called “draw”, “loans”, “advances” | 4. Employees are scammed, Subcontractors are scammed, departing employees are scammed, insurance companies are scammed & homeowners are scammed | Employee Scam Free Payroll, Employees do not receive verbally proimsed pay | 1. No Training pay+ No Field pay (counterdicting verbal promises $100/day) | 2. Timing of paychecks, 2 weeks from start, | ADHI’S Human Resources written EMAIL RESPONSE: “nothing paid out unless 40 hours reached in first week per employee agreement” | Everything they say+do: timed/scripted, precision executed | 1. Seduce victim how wealthy they are, tell you a w2 figure, lure you in | 2. Tell victim (Everything) is paid $100/day and commissions | 3. Tell victim state of the art training (its exclusively to learn a script) | 4. Questions, tell employee “we’re not there yet”, “we’ll cover that later” | Everything scripted, crafted pitch (employee, homeowner, adjustor) | Step#1, get on homeowners roof (100% scripted) | #2, make video, exaggerate, sell the claim (100% scripted) | #3, if no hail or wind damage, pressure for a claim anyway | #4, whoever insurance is say “we work well with them” | #5, call in the claim (together with homeowner) | #6, get homeowner to tell us adjustor’s inspection time (most important, meet adjustor exactly when they stop by or else | #7, tell everyone they have damage, hail or wind, up to 1 year from last storm, even if area was worked by their own and other crews actively for the last year | #8, employees must USE OWN LADDER, its their fault if they fall and cannot work to come back, not ADHI fault | #8, meet with adjustor, focus on independents who will “buy the roof” easier, always act shocked if they don’t want to buy it, realize adjustor could have a bad day, try it again, keep in good graces | Know which adjustors on which buy roof easy, maintain good relations with adjustor, EVERYthing to stay on good side. Don’t pre-judge, no damage at all but sometimes they buy it. Learn everything about adjustors, area they work, collect all information about them. Last thing adjustor wants, unrelated homeowner, to file a complaint with the department of insurance, trump card for highest level, could cost him his job, fear. Weapon for bad adjustors not buying roofs, DOI, problem adjustors cost alot, go away. | Make employees spend their time, inputting data by unpaid labor | 1. FREE, Employees input leads into “build fly” system, leads for their mailers | 2. FREE, Employee bandwidth for inputting their leads all free | 3. FREE, Employee gas, purchase of office equipment, ladder, clip board | 4. Make employees work from 9am until 9pm | 5. Make GPS locator enabled employees, log IN on the clock into build fly system | 6. Make employees take lunch 1pm-2.30 pm | 7. Make employees pass out their flyers, for free | 8. Even their top salesperson in the office(5 years at Downers Grove), finally paid back draws to actually receive commissions, 2-3 years ago | 9. Even if employees make it to the point, of paying back all the draws, and actually making commissions, the day they leave, all commissions in progress, are NOT PAID, default into the company coffers. If a homeowner refuses to pay their deductible to American Dream Home Improvement, that last portion, is purported to come 100% out of the employees pay, to have never been paid, despite the fact, that American Dream Home Improvement has been paid. | 10. The contractors they use, are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, and NOT allowed to have any information on their vehicles, disclosing to the general public they are NOT AMERICAN DREAM HOME EMPLOYEES, but independent contractors, also dictating responsibility for injuries, etc. Independent Contractors, are CHARGED BACK, by American Dream Home Improvements. Sometimes, on charge backs, employees are receiving no pay, on the jobs that are even done as commission because of miscommunication and disputes between contractor, American Dream Home and Homeowner. | 11. The strategy, is to keep the INDEPENDENT SUBCONTRACTORS, so busy, that they are UNABLE to market or work to get any other jobs. They also are DEPRIVED from soliciting ANY REFERRALS in the neighborhood, or doing any marketing or letting any homeowner know, about their services. Therefore, the INDEPENDENT SUBCONTRACTORS, are trapped into the same carrot & stick approach as the employees. All American Dream Home Improvement win, all subcontractor & employee losses. | Commissions Paid to employees | 25% of net profit (calculated by company), how much is paid, after paying back loans/draws/advances. Even workmans comp is deducted as a cost calculation before calculating net profit. It would be interesting to see, exactly how their policy is, on calculating net profit, if it has been consistent, tweaked, and modified, to lower the gross profit amount, to minimize commisions. | | They have a large contract, they expect all new employees to sign, start employees in training, before they sign it, last minute activity and must collect contract, no negotiations, no changes, sign or leave, unconsionable, no power, employees receive NO copy of contract. | Bottom line, all employees, they see the SUCKERS, walking into the office, know they aren’t going to be paid, you have the label “dummy” written all over you, they’ll then tell you how smart you are. All office people know, have seen the endless training programs, of 12-16 employees at a time, as many training programs as they can get, they’ll keep training people, because nobody will stay, especially when they learn American Dream Home Improvement, does NOT pay their employees, scam the homeowners into filing false claims with insurance, control the adjustors with the carrot and stick approach, and make money, laughing all the way to the bank, building and expanding into new territories, with the obscene profits that they make. |

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