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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Express Bluebird at on 07-May-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Express Bluebird
  • Address: 200 Central Avenue
  • City: Saint Petersburg
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 18774865990
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Express Bluebird published at on 07-May-15 says, verbatim –

May 1, 2015 my entire paycheck was Direct Deposited into my Bluebird account. On this same day, at 10:05 am I went to Kroger to get gas. I swiped my card at the pump and my card was Declined. My futher Son-In-Law was with me and witnessed this transaction. Confused we went to the register and was told to swipe my card, I did and card came back as Decline. | I was extremely upset as I had checked my account online just minutes prior to going to get gas. My entire check which was Direct Deposited was showing and my balance was $325 and some change. I immediately drove back to work as I had left my phone in my office. Upon returning to my office, I immediately pulled up on my computer. After signing in my balance was now “0”. 2 separate holds had been placed on my account. 1st hold for $150.00 and a 2nd hold for $19 and some odd change. After a slight Panic Attack I called the number listed on my account page. Of course everything was automated and it took me a good 7 to 8 minutes before i was able to actually speak with a live person. | I tried on numerous occasions to explain to the Customer Service Represenatative what had happened. That took about 15 minutes as I kept getting interupted. He could not seem to comprehend that both swiped came back as Declined. He kept telling me it was the Merchant, it was the Merchant. He kept telling me again on numerous occasions “well at least you got gas”. Really,no i did not get gas. When i got to the gas station to get gas i had a balance and both swipes came back Declined and then on top of that they place 2 Separate Holds on my account, which left me with a “0” balance. | I am a recently separated woman with Absolutely No Other Income. The Balance on my Bluebird card was every penny I had to my name. The conversation with American Express Bluebird was the most wasted time I have ever spent trying to explain what they had done to me. The CSR just kept saying over and over “At least you got gas”. No i did not get gas, my card was declined both times. I had no gas to get home, I had no other money and on top of that if I did not pay my Electric Bill that day, May 1, 2015 it would be cut off. Again I’m trying to live off my income alone and I’m barely able to even eat. | I had asked to speak to the supervisor or Manager and was constantly denied. Towards the end of the conversation I kept asking what they were going to do to resolve this Huge Mistake. I get from the CSR, as a courtesy of American Express we can release 1 hold and I would have to wait it out for the 2nd hold to be released. I tried and tried to resolve this issue with the CSR as I had done nothing wrong, the company he is working for had made a huge mistake. Not only did they decline my card twice but they placed 2 holds on Every penny i had in my account. He then proceeded to ask me which hold i would like released, well that was kind of a silly question. I had a choice between the 1st hold of $150 or the second hold of $19 and some change. Of course I choose the 1st hold of $150. My monies from the 1st hold were now showing in my account. I immediately drove to a ATM and withdrew the $150.00. | Unfortunately with this huge mistake of theirs, I was unable to make my full payment to the Electric company and my electric was turned off. As well as a payment toward my Pay’day Loan was unable to be paid. Now that has been placed in Collections and was informed that they are starting court proceedings. The monies that still were on hold was only $19 and some change but it caused me not to be able to pay the electric in full and caused me not to be able to make my payment to the Payday loan. | Today is May 6, 2015 and after checking my account numerous times, the hold is still intact on my account. I placed another call to the company and again had to go through the automated thing to actually speak with someone. Again more time of mine wasted as I could not explain my situation without him interupping me over and over. I was informed by the CSR that it was the Merchant who denied my card and it was the Merchant that placed a hold on all my monies. He flat out said there was not a thing he could do. that I needed to called the Merchant. | In all of my adult life I have never experienced anything like this. The monies on the 2nd hold may seem minor to most people but that is my life, I’m struggling to survive and that money is like a million to me. The severe stress this situation has placed on me has been so unbelievable. I have been a mess and I have no one to depend on or to help me. |

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