American Home Shield Warranty Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against American Home Shield Warranty at on 04-May-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: American Home Shield Warranty
  • Address: 889 Ridge Lake Blvd.
  • City: Memphis
  • State: Tennessee
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 888-429-8247
  • Website:


Original Complaint against American Home Shield Warranty published at on 04-May-15 says, verbatim –

On April 10, 2015 American Home Shield assigned a heating and air contractor, Air Solutions USA, Inc. to service my air condtioner when it quit cooling. Air Solutions came out and told me I needed to replace the air handler unit and add new refrigerant, which was only covered by AHS at a rate of $10 a pound, but it cost up to $120/lb. So it was going to cost me over $600 for the refrigerant and $700 for “modifications” to the replacement air handler unit. I asked Air Solutions’ owner Dan why replacing the air handler unit with another exact fit air handler unit, identical to the one I had, needed “modifications?” Dan first started telling me all about his “cost of doing business” and how he had to pay top wages to get good people.” | I kept pushing him to tell me what these “modificataions” were and he finally rattled off a list of modifications he said were needed, but still could not explain WHY. In the meantime, they suggested I get a new air conditioner, because the money needed to fix the old one was not a good investment. So I sent them a photo of my neighbor’s AC unit so they could see what was allowed by the condo board. They brought a nice new unit that they helped me get financed, but the board would not approve it. Long story short, we were back where we started–fixing the old one. I still wanted to know about this $700 in charges. | When the technician came back out, finally, after one no-show and one cancelled appointment, on May 1st, after being without AC since April 10th, I asked him if he needed to make any modifications to make the air handler unti work. He said “No, all I have to do is hook it up to these wires,” showing me the wires. I was appalled, and asked him again, (this time recording the conversation with my cell phone). I then called Air Solutions, who got upset that I had asked the technician who told me the TRUTH. | John at Air Solutions pulled his technician off the job, so I was yet another day, without AC in May in Atlanta, GA. I immediately called American Home Shield, told them the whole story, after having to call them previously just to get Air Solutions to come back out and finish the job. But this call was even more serious, because I informed American Home Shield that I had proof that Air Solutions LIED to me about making modifications they didn’t have to make and charging me $700 fraudulently. American Home Shield said they did not discuss non-covered charges, that I would have to discuss that with the contractor. | I explained that I DID that and they got mad at the technician who told me the truth and pulled off the job and left me hanging. American Home Shield called the contractor and called me back, only to tell me that I had to “pay the contractor the full amount in cash before 5pm” if I wanted them to come out this week—otherwise it would be next week and I had to pay with cash or a cashier’s check, in advance, before they would finish the job. And if I didn’t pay the contractor they could put a lien on my property. Really? Pay the contractor American Home Shield assigned to me, the full amount, even for work they didn’t complete, for which I had PROOF? Really? American Home Shield stands behind a contractor who is committing fraud? That makes them an accessory to a crime. At least I have proof that the contractor lied and that American Home Shield would do nothing about it. Seems to me both companies are going to need a good defense, because I am not going to lie down and take it. |

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